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RE: Bitcore BTX Guide: the 2nd snapshot for BTC HODLers - free BTX | how it works

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Only follow the steps and you will be fine.

Importing to Bitcore wallet
Right now importing a private key for Bitcore is only possible with the Bitcore Core wallet (download here).

Make sure it is past mid November. It will take up to several days for the Bitcore blockchain to be filled with all the transactions.
Start Bitcore QT. As soon as your wallet has been synced go to Help->Debug Window
Select Console
If your wallet is encrypted it must be unlocked first. Enter "walletpassphrase [yourpassphrase] 600" (without the "" and without [ ])
Now you are ready to import your private key. Enter "importprivkey [yourbitcoinprivkey]" (without the "" and without [ ]). Make sure there are no spaces in your private key.
Done! Your wallet should now contain 1/2 the amount of Bitcore you had in Bitcoin!


Hi. I've done exactly this. However the BTX didn't show up in the bitcore qt wallet. After I did the import private key, the next line on the console was "null". Which I'm assuming means it didn't find the private key? Anyone able to help.

Thank you sir, i’ll try to follow the steps you’ve given.

is it safe to import a private key? INTO the btx qt wallet?

yes, it is. However, it is even safer to first move all your BTC to a different address, just in case.

that is just a copy and paste rite from the webpage on how to do it. if people have to get it here from you then they have already not followed instructions for passing it up. it's good that you tried to help but they really should have seen that instructions plain as day if they are willing to follow instructions. i personally followed them and it don't work for me.

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