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RE: $8,168 What the best to invest in Crypto-currencies?

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  • Ethereum and the related crypto assets are a very interesting space and seem like they could be a great place to start (especially in small quantities). Although beware that they are currently undergoing a pump that may crash at any time.
    • Many of the recent Ethereum crypto assets (Augur, DigixDAO) were 2x-10x when they were first added to exchanges. They are still really high risk but small amounts can be very valuable after a 10x gain.
  • Mine ethereum to reduce or eliminate electricity bills (right now a mid to top end amd graphics card can net you up to $2 a day ) and also make some extra on the side. This is one crypto that does not seem to have the issue of exponential difficulty growth.
  • Diversify into everything from high-risk to low risk (crypto, peer-lending, 401K, raw stocks, mutual funds)

Do lots and lots of research and don't just listen to any one source and you will see the most benefit


I see..
One question, could you show me the easiest and best reference about the DAO (or token?) Seems hot, but it's not clear understand how it works compare to common altcoins. should be your best bet in somewhat understanding the idea.

Roughly, the DAO is a organiazation that you put your ether (ethereum token) into the contract and proposals are made to use the funds (hopefully with a strong strategy to produce profits) and users that own DAO tokens vote on the proposal. When voting closes if a quarum was reached the ether is sent to the proposer and they will attempt to produce profits for the investors. Last I checked 1.15 ether = 100 DAO tokens. The DAO also allows you to "Split" and obtain your ether back from the contract. You can only split with ether that was not used to vote/invest in a successful proposal.

That is a very rudimentary version of how the dao works. I would do some additional research and post any questions you have to /r/ethtrader or /r/ethereum, the community is helpful most of the time.

Side note on mining (ethereum sepcifically): if you are using a GPU make sure to use AMD cards. Buying a new mining rig can be a costly risk since there is no guarantee of making back your lost profits (but you may be able to use/resell the cards afterwards to make back some losses)

Hope this helps!

As a reference I have over 3 years in the crypto currency space with everything from mining, trading, research and on coins from Bitcoin, Ethereum and many altcoins that have collapsed.

(imho, read here and there..) the DAO, can be good for people or any start-up team, but on other hand, it might born more scammers or ponzi program.
I love Ether! I tried to mine it from one of cloud mining, which I'm saying is stupid.
3 years for many methods, algos, coins, etc.. it's long run, dude.. Let me ask you, is it worth?

I think so, Bitcoin seems so stuck and unable to make significant changes because of mining centralization. While Ethereum has been thriving and will still be minable for the next year

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