Second Roger Ver Interview 💥- "Bitcoin Jesus" Answers Your Burning Questions 🔥

in crypto-news •  4 months ago

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crypto zero good guy

Save the babies :)

the interview was very informative. keep up the good work

I have such a difficult time listening to Roger Ver. Love your work, though. I have to skip this one.

I honestly see BCH in a different light now. They are not competitors but a complement to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

A load of very interesting questions tossed at one of the great minds behind the propagation of the cryptocurrency ideology. Thanks for this excellent and fun interview. Keep up the good work!

Namaste :)

hello hello helloooo, nice echo Roger, TenX any one TenX.....Love your humor Omar, I don't think Roger gets a lot of it personal or just doesn't know how to laugh, any way he has his views, I'm glad you are bringing different points of view to your show, keep it up Omar!!!!

LOL!!! Dude you almost interviewed the interviewer at the beginning!!! But then that was purpose...

I respect that take charge attitude :-)

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