Markets Take A Beating | Why HODL? | Bitcoin ETF Comments | Crypt0's News: LIVE! (July 10th, 2018)

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Market has taken a massive beating today. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day.

Thanks for the post Omar.

  • My opinion on the BTC ETF's, and ETH ETF's? They are being used to bring down the Crypto marketcap to let the BIG Lenders in.
  • Multi-Trillion dollar Marketcap next year!May Your Health Be With YOU. 2 png.png

Greymass wallet is great, easy and attractive. Definitely agree that, that's an excellent option for holding, sending, receiving, staking or unstaking EOS.

Re: not logging in, I LOG IN DAILY! Looking to see what new tokens I earned via air-drops. Everyday, almost, there is some new cool coin in my wallet.

See the tokens you own via

I love the artistic development on Ether, whereas XRP is just a fidget spinner for banks (still have some like you though, it looks so cheap rn).

Just hodl!

Its prob needed to drop, it'll be fine. Just hodl positions and wait patiently for the return of the bull. Have a great day all

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good news about cryptocurrency market thanks for share with us thi news

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If you believe in the potential disruptive impact blockchain and cryptocurrencies can have in the future, value changes now do not matter so HODL before you miss out on the potential bottom. No one can time any financial market until the move has been substantially completed.

Sure. Peter Lynch beat the market for 13 years straight with a fund of up to 900 stocks.

Unless you are as diversified as Lynch was, I don't think it requires great knowledge to beat the market. But it does require taking great risks. You have to be willing to go out on a limb and invest heavily in something that's currently unpopular. Nobody beats the market by doing the trendy thing. Unless that means going all in on one single stock that's popular, which may beat the market for a while, but that comes with its own risk.

Bottom is near, if not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow than day after.......... I am not exactly waiting but nevertheless it smells like it

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Great live stream as usual, hopefully we are at the bottom and are headed for the bullish market. Gunbot seems promising but you can never 100% certain with these trading bots. Wishing Augur the very best