Crypt0's News: August 12th, 2017- Microsoft Releases CoCo, Correction Day Is GOOD, Poloniex Concerns

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ETH does look suspiciously low with all the upcoming news and no break out versus BTC yet.

agreed. it's quiet... too quiet. :)

Microsoft is going to buy Ethereum... like the whole thing from the Russian. Make it centralized, and use it to make tons of money. Unless of course they manage it like the Xbox division... then they will lose money.

I thought I saw a video of someone from Microsoft saying that?
Do you have a link?

tank ETH like big corporation folks, play them at their own game I say!

Ton of awesome news as usual. Great to see more news on Coco from Microsoft. I honestly think this is gunna change the game a little. If not a lot. I'd definitely be interested in the videos you did at Crypto Night. Always good to be more informed. Knowledge is power, after all.

Great video

Thanks for making the time to update us. Hope your other activities are as as rewarding - GLGL!

Keep up the good work... Oh and here is your daily Omar meme!

Thanks Omar. Liked your attitude; only focus on projects that are going to change the world!!! Hope you get some rest of the market (as we are all enjoying this bull run) and come back soon 'casue you'll be missed.

Great post

Was this live? I missed it. People see Microsoft as stepping in without realizing that Microsoft has not only been accepting Bitcoin but was one of the investors in Ethereum. Not to mention that a shit ton of projects uses Azure Cloud. CoCo is just them in another day of work.

Glad you were on top of coco, its Microsoft's way into the crypto world. They are late, but its better late than never. I feel like the 1500 estimated transaction rate will be higher after the tech improves. It might get up to 5000 or so...great video as always.

Hey man, it seems lately like your videos are just put up to put up, but the passion you used to have seems gone. If you don't want to do them anymore, and want to focus on other things, maybe you should consider that.

As an avid watcher, and subscriber, I have been noticing the slip like you mentioned last night. It's better to do none at all, if you're not going to do them with love and passion.

Just my two Satoshi's, please don't take offense.

I agree, but if he can't keep up with video quality I would love to see him more active on social media like Twitter or blogs. I imagine that would be easier than creating videos for him but still show he's alive and provide value to his following.

I hear what you are saying, but when you deal with this kind of stuff, it kind of has to consume you. I can tell by his face and actions lately, that he's not really into it anymore, and whatever he is doing with his time is now more important and more exciting for him.

Eth going to break out and shoot to $500 watch ;)

Great show as always Omar, keep up the good work!

Thanks Crypt0. Best to you on your personal training in the comedy realm. I'm sure you'll be successful on whatever you focus on.

Been watching your videos for 6 months now!! I fucking Love your content Omar :D

Awesome Vid as always!

Very informative news on Coco nice to hear it is being talked about.

The market is dipping? I have no idea where you guys are getting this information from, my portfolio is doing just as well as ever.

Well-timed for the CoCo news!

For some reason, Poloniex suspiciously many problems: (

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Great post Omar.

Are the nanoS preprogramed?
You download the wallets and apps to your phone or pc. that's it right?

Very positive

Great post. Going back old school with the car vids!

Ty for Share Upvote

let em blankets and CoCo come!

buenísimo genial gracias posr compartir tu post

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