How To Stake NEO Antshares and Claim GAS

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This video will show you how to set up a NEO NEON Wallet, Stake NEO Antshares, and Claim GAS rewards in one click.

GAS is the token that will power the NEO network. Those staking NEO in their wallets will receive GAS rewards that can be claimed every 5 minutes (according to the audience in the live chat).

Are your aware of NEO GAS rewards? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Download the NEON desktop wallet

Check out this NEO staking calculator

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*This is is not investment advice. Dealing with crypto involves a risk of loss. Please buy, trade, or invest, at your own risk.

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*BEWARE make sure you always store/print/write down your private keys before depositing. I don't think NEON stores your private keys. It appears that each time you log off you need to reenter the keys from scratch to log back in. Otherwise you may lose access to your wallet.

I have my NEO on their web client! Are they earning gas as well?

I had the web wallet too. It works very similar to MyEtherWallet but I couldn't find an easy way to claim GAS. NEON seems to be working OK so far.

I bought some NEO and downloaded the NEON wallet but the first thing I noticed was there is no way to backup the wallet? This made me uneasy about moving my funds. Where does it store the wallet.dat?

I dont believe NEON stores your private keys. Each time I've logged off I need to reenter them from scratch.

So don't you need like a key and a passphrase? Or a file and a key?

Or is this WIF private key-thing a one-in-all solution? Seems like it is more risky than other methods? the private key is all that is needed?

Watching you on yt now with my kids, just let her boom and collect my steem rewards! Missed the live stream. Got into bitconnect and love being a dailyboomer along with a friend. Kaboom to the moon baby!

Congrats @fractalfreedom Sending positive energy to you and yours. Keep BOOMIN over there!



Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Seems my Neon wallet isn't syncing up to the blockchain, anybody know why? Saturday evening August 12th

I'm having the same exact issue with two of my NEON wallets. Doesn't give me a good feeling about it. Also the gas doesn't seem to be being collected.

Same here. NEON wallet worked for like 6 hours yesterday with GAS accumulating properly. Then, just stopped working completely. Shows 0 GAS and doesn't budge. Also when it says "claim gas" i'm not even sure where that goes as there is no way to send it anywhere. Maybe it just gets converted to NEO??? but since fractions aren't allowed you're potentially wasting all og it unless you have 1.0 NEO. I am going to try the other client they have and see if it actually works but i'm a little hesitant about storing it there now. Seems shaky and i don't have a lot of NEO but it's over 1,000 so not wanting to risk having it just disappear.

I had the same issue :-)

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QUESTION: Is there any reason to delay claiming gas? Do you lose gas beyond a certain decimal place (NEON wallet only shows three numbers after the decimal). Is there an optimal claim frequency? Or should we be claiming it whenever we see claimable gas?

I believe the gas accumulates for your Neo. You could claim it anytime as long as you own the Neo :-) That is what I believe.

Thanks for the free ride to the MOON! I plan on getting in next dip over slept and missed when it dipped to 15 ish.. Money never sleeps.

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Good stuff, thanks for putting this together! Got my first Neo today during the downturn. It's nice seeing that GAS staking! I think I'm going to like HODLing this one!

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