BRD Airdrop is OVER!

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📣 That’s a wrap!

The BRD Airdrop is now over! Congrats to the over 40,000 of you who entered! Tokens will be distributed within the next 2 weeks. Thank you for your continued support of BRD!
🔥 Reward: 30 BRD

Winner of the payout for this week is @airdropking


Thanks to all the BRD fans that made this what it was.. !!!


The air drop signing in was easy. I love how simple its steps are. Though, it made me reawaken my twitter, signed in to reddit and opened up telegram. Only that the area that asked for my reddit username has disappeared from the form.
I can't find it anywhere to fill up.
Any advice please?

Please ask for assistance In our telegram.

thanks for signing up. Good luck on the giveaway.

Resteemed it to my follower. I signed up during week 2.Will I receive 30 BRD or 20 BRD?
I found the sign up pretty easy, and excited about this project

If we fill the 10K slots this week everyone will get 30 BRD.. You are also entered to win this weeks payout.. Goodluck!

Thanks a lot.

How I wish it was me. You could make a BRD giveaway in steemit, hehe, like 50 BRD or it :p

I love this idea. To keep the community growing, it would be great if @breadapp could do weekly BRD giveaway.

Wow, finally after trying for 3 back to back weeks. Thanks a lot @breadapp

Thanks for the SBD and Steem, and biggest reward ever.
I think I got some less Steem.

I will send you the balance difference. Thanks, and congrats on the win.

When will we get the BRD tokens? Will BRD wallet support DogeCoin in future?

We had so many people fill out the form incorrectly we are giving them a couple days to fix the mistakes. Your BRD should be sent in the next couple days.

BRD is amazing, safe and secure! Could not ask for anything better. Resteemed, followed and upvoted. It would be great to win it

I suppose I cannot enter this week again @breadapp? :p

Sorry no.. Not this week.. I sent you the SBD payout already and will send you the Steem payout also soon..

Hi @breadapp, still no Steem. When do you plan to transfer? Thanks

Sorry for the delay. I’ll transfer some more funds to this account and get you your steem. Hope you are enjoying our app!

Yes, already with BTC and ETH there. Also, I have a question, I have BCH in coinbase I want to put in BRD app, the address I should put is only qr... or all bitcoincash:qr.... ?

For support question like this we have a very active Telegram channel. Please ask your question there!

It's fair :P Thanks again for this big reward!

Hola saludos !! la verdad en mi habitacion tengo dos entradas ip diferentes y he visto mucha publicidad de dicha Airdrop, bien logre el registro de una cuenta en una de mis ip pero sin ningun conociemiento de ello de que hacer, si no es mucho pedir algo de informacion adicional o mas completa a mi correo y aprovechar tal oportunidad te agradeceria...james0603[email protected]

Aww! I missed this great opportunity again. I still won't give up. Congratulations to the winners.

I signed up for the BRD airdrop on week 2, also entered into contest on week 2. I think I am eligible to enter again in this contest. Resteemed this post to be eligible to enter into the contest.

You are also entered to win this weeks payout.. Goodluck!

Thanks you, I hope I win.

I've been seeing this projects coin on Binance, never knew it had such deep and sound roots and backing.
Glad to have found the BRD wallet, kudos to the dev.

Nice airdrop by the way


Isn't resteeming required for valid entry to the contest?

You are correct. Thanks for looking out for us!

Not a problem. Thanks

thanks for the heads up

You must resteem this to be entered to win the payout.

resteemed i hope


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The giveaway has rules that need to be followed to be entered to win.

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