If we fill the 10K slots this week everyone will get 30 BRD.. You are also entered to win this weeks payout.. Goodluck!

Thanks a lot.

How I wish it was me. You could make a BRD giveaway in steemit, hehe, like 50 BRD or it :p

I love this idea. To keep the community growing, it would be great if @breadapp could do weekly BRD giveaway.

Wow, finally after trying for 3 back to back weeks. Thanks a lot @breadapp

Thanks for the SBD and Steem, and biggest reward ever.
I think I got some less Steem.

I will send you the balance difference. Thanks, and congrats on the win.

When will we get the BRD tokens? Will BRD wallet support DogeCoin in future?

We had so many people fill out the form incorrectly we are giving them a couple days to fix the mistakes. Your BRD should be sent in the next couple days.