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RE: Bitcore BTX Guide: the 2nd snapshot for BTC HODLers - free BTX | how it works

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Looks like the BTX community liked this post with over 600 views. Nice to see Bitcore maintain a decent price even after the big 25% drop.


Yes, that's nice! I must say I am not suprised at all as I am in direct contact with the devs (I actually met them and they were awesome, no exaggeration). The community is currently almost in exponential growth and there are a lot of news coming in the next few weeks.

We are currently funding all addresses from the snapshot, creating blocks with almost 1 MB already. The size will probably increase in the next few hours. It's exciting to see this stress-test of the chain:

The have been involved in the crypto world for quite some time and I have nothing but respect for all the projects they have been involved with. If I had a bigger stake in it I would be getting behind it even more.

i'm getting my airdrops every monday on time but why is it my copay private key will not work? i get an error message "Invalid private key encoding (code -5)" when i follow instructions.

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