Adamant Messenger Crowdsale Review

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Internet users need to feel secure when accessing the internet. Adamant messenger ICO is designed to provide privacy to its users. It protects the user’s data and keeps users anonymous by securing the messages in the Adamant Messenger ICO. Adamant projects achieve ample security by using a blockchain found in any device at any time that a user accesses the internet with.

How does it work?

Integrated system of payment
Adamant Messenger ICO allows making payments and distributing ICO tokens within the messenger chat. Adamant wallet grows by 5% with the increase in the distribution of ICO tokens. As the Adamant business advances, digital signing is being implemented to make payment systems convenient and so reduce the costs of transacting internally. An ADM transfer system reduces transaction costs with fast execution.

Use of a secure block chain
Thanks to the advanced technology that we enjoy today, Adamant Messenger ICO uses blockchains to protect the user’s data. Etherum blockchain is not suitable for Adamant Messenger due to its high value of transaction fees incurred in transferring messages. A blockchain is flexible since it adapts with changes with ICO token prices. An independent block minimizes costs in transferring messages with Adamant Messenger ICO.
Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and stored in a decentralized locker preventing access from developers. Thanks to modern cryptography, the history of messages is not stored on devices but is loaded in a blockbuster.

Use of architecture
Sometimes fees transactions need to be altered. A decentralized algorithm system has a DPoS to confirm transactions after a few seconds and before executing payments. This prevents losses and makes the Adamant Messenger ICO a system that is highly scalable for users and to feel confident using it.

ICO mechanism
This mechanism is a source to receive funds. The funds are required to complete the growth of Adamant Messenger. The soft cap of about $500,000 provides resources to develop the key messenger features of Adamant.
There is an Adamant token sale which offers favorable terms to users. Here, an ADM token goes for the price of 1 ADM = 0.001 ETH. Facilitators of Adamant predict that in time, during the first stage of the ICO, the price of the token will rise from 0.002 ETH to 0.005 ETH.

Benefits of using Adamant Messenger ICO

Availability of a Progressive Web Application
Internet browsers use this application by working on IOS 9+ and Android 5.0+ to distribute ICO tokens. The design is accurate and fulfills the needs of the users by improving business performance and hence more profitability and convenience.

Welcome tokens
Network maintenance with Adamant Messenger ICO comes with high transaction fees. Welcome tokens found in Adamant Messenger help users transact with low fees compared to the use of other messengers.

Independent blockbuster
Adamant tokens do not rely on blockers and third-party services due to the availability of a blockbuster. ICO tokens transact within 5 seconds and make direct transfers to the Adamant messenger chat window. ADM owners are assigned revenue for storage. Current owners of tokens that do not sell for ICO receive the profitable tokens.


Earn Free ICO Coins
Users can earn tokens from Adamant messenger bounty campaign (
Use BountyPortals ( to earn tokens from upcoming projects for free.

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