When you see a movie do you get - candy, popcorn, nothing, or sneak stuff in?

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When you see a movie do you get - candy, popcorn, nothing, or sneak stuff in?

Candy (4%)

Popcorn (52%)

Nothing (17%)

Sneak Stuff In (25%)

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I answered

I sneak popcorn in all the time. That hard part is hiding the microwave.

I answered


I answered

I love popcorn!!!!

I answered

I prefer and grew up sneaking stuff in, but that embarrassed my wife. So we buy popcorn and a soda.

I answered

I sneak it all in. Even tacos! 🌮

I answered

usually we get popcorn + candy.

I answered

movei theater popcorn is a once in a while treat. but if i want to take it to the next level....gotta get m&ms or milkduds or some such and put those bad boys IN the popcorn!!

I answered

Ich liebe das Kino Popcorn 😍 ... Selbst gemacht zuhause, schmecken Sie einfach nicht, so wie diese! ....*oder ich bekomme es einfach nur nicht so hin😅*

I answered

Nice try, movie cops

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