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Hello lovelies!

I'm still alive in case you are wondering.

It's been months since I posted any new post. The reason behind my constant inactivity was the struggle I was having due to my smartphone. As you know, I just use my phone to post on Steemit as I don't have pc or laptop.

Few months back when I wrote a very long post ~ Google Chrome unexpectedly crashed and all my efforts went into vain.

Since then I decided that I will post only when I will get my first laptop.


This is my second attempt to ask you all to help me to accomplish this goal, coz, my first attempt was a pure failure, though, I'm grateful that few people helped me a bit by upvoting that post.


How getting a laptop will help me?

I want to make my post look more beautiful and lovely to read, And laptop will allow me to make quality markdowns and gif's which I can't apply on my phone.

I want to write lengthy posts and laptop will truly enable me to type long posts without stressing me, unlike on phone where using one thumb to be typing over 300 to 500 words ~ which is very difficult and painful sometimes.

Often times my phone hangs while doing any activity on browser or apps and it's very time consuming sometimes when my phone app crashes in-between important tasks. And, that's why I want to get laptop real quick to get myself free from all these hassles.


I really want to add value to Steemit community and I need your help in doing so.

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Please help me to make a step towards my goal. Kindly donate whatever amount you can. Upvote, Resteem this post for more support.


@starangel 🌟


Hey @starangel. I know the feeling when you write a huge post and your phone deletes everything you wrote. It demotivates you from writing for quite a long time. I've been through it too. I would suggest you to still keep writing posts through your phone. Who knows some big whale might start following you for your content and keep you on autovoter. Good luck with the crowdfunding.

Hi @wandereronwheels! Thank you so much for your kindness!!! I feel so grateful to you and am very happy that finally someone understood my feeling. 😊 Thank you so much for your genuine advice. I'll follow it as you said. Much love, light and blessings to you! 💚🌟✨

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