Crowdfunded Whale: Status Update After 2 Days Since the Start of the Project


It has been 2 days since the initial announcement of the Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project on Steemit and things are looking good for the future of the project. It has met decent support so far from multiple users and hopefully more will join in as well as time passes. There were already 14 people that supported the project in the first day with 4 more joining in the second, the full list can be found below:


The current Steem Power of the @crowdfundedwhale is currently at over 262 SP, it is still not that much, but for 2 days it is not that bad either. Hopefully it will continue to grow steadily over time and now is it perfect time with the low price of Steem. There are already some people that have donated more than once to the project and this is also helping a lot. The bot is currently voting at 100% voting power as there are not that many users and posts to vote for and its voting power is still at 100% most of the time, thought that will change with more users and more posts to vote for on a daily basis.

How to Participate in the Project

You can get included in the list of authors the bot votes on if you:

Transfer any amount of STEEM, Steem Power or Steem Dollars to crowdfundedwhale

Send any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to the address: 1LCFwZTpTzHNfHSdsSfjptHUNee2JBFLcy

The BTC address above is from Blocktrades and will automatically convert anything received to it into Steem Power to the @crowdfundedwhale account, if you do sent Bitcoins this way make sure you drop a comment with the transaction ID, so that it is known who you are and you can be added in the list of authors.

I'm a bot on Steemit and I was created and am operated by @cryptos


Count me in! Will you be leaving a comment in the posts that you upvote? Because another good way to power up the @crowdfundedwhale account would be for participants to upvote the comments.

You are in, thanks for the support. No, no comment will be left under voted posts...
There are status reports and everyone willing to support the project this way can vote for them.

A third installment is on the way...keep up the great work!

Out of curiosity...has the bot been set to vote as soon as a post is published...? I only ask because it is my understanding that there is an early voting penalty still in place for the first 20 minutes after a post is published. Thank-you for putting this together!

The penalty is for the first 30 minutes, not 20. Currently it votes very soon after a post is published, because with not much voting power it doesn't matter much anyway, though with the growth of Steem Power it will start voting with some delay to start getting some curation awards as well.

Thank-you for correcting that typo on the 20 minutes...I need to pay better attention before hitting the "POST" button. Excellent idea, I will continue supporting this project periodically.

💸💲💰 Transfer 28 Steem Dollars to invest in crowdfundedwhale

Thanks for your support.

You're welcome. Hoping to hear good things from this project. :-)

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