Crop circle mystery solved?

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 What a great day out! Since a couple of years I read about crop circles which appear every summer specially in south of England. Today I really managed to see one. From Oxford I took a train to Swindon, then I got on a bus to Highworth and from there I meandered through beautiful soft hilly English countryside. When I got a bit lost I just happened to meet an elderly local who accompanied me for a while. I got a lesson in local history and as he was for an other destination I had to find the last part of my way myself. Finally I managed to find Bydmill Copse near Hannington,  everywhere beautiful strong wheat waiting to be harvested. By the field I did not meet the farmer but someone who looks after the place, introducing crop circle hunters. He greeted me as his first guest today. I paid my £2 for the entrance and off I was for the circle, following the tracks of the tractor.  

Crop circles are made for aerial view. 

The formation is quite in the center of the field. From the ground you don't have a good understanding of the flower design. It is like trying in an art gallery to see a Picasso with the nose too close to the painting.  

Until now I was not particularly interested in the discussion about how those formations are created. Too controversial this topic! Are they presents to us earthlings from inhabitants of other stars or do some freaks at night lay the crop down with and planks and ropes?- who knows? 

For me beauty and novelty was more interesting. However this morning in the field I got involved in some discussions and discoveries concerning the creation of those marvelous temporary landmarks. Other people arrived. I had a nice chat with a father and his son from Belgium. Later they called me to show me some unusual stuff. In one of the tracks which leads through the circle they discovered some common plastic drinking straws. Nothing unusual only that they were partly melted, however without traces of black soot. My skeptic mind instantly was on alert.

 I looked more carefully for myself. Over a stretch of perhaps 8 feet there were burnt particles on the crop, even under bent down stalks. This is really interesting.

Whereas some steps from us two ladies spread their crystals on the ground celebrating in silence the appearance of the magic circle, the men tried to figure out how on earth THEY could have done that. Was there really heat involved in the process of making the formation? And if yes, did it happen from above by some hovering objects or was it done by some kind of machines on the ground we have no idea of?

I don't want go further with my speculations. Perhaps you guys have some  plausible explanations. For me it was a great day out. I had some good chats, and carried on on foot to a fantastic country pub in Hannington. So good to know that still not all things on earth are explainable.

If you want to see the whole formation please have a look on youtube:

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the day!  I do appreciate every comment, upvote...

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@johano thanks for letting me know a new thing today. I enjoyed your writing.


Thanks @manikanta. Have you heard about crop circles before? It is an interesting thing, isn't it?

Not sure what you want to say by that

Crop circle mystery solved?

I don't want go further with my speculations.

Nothing solved here. And no speculations added.

Yes there is heat involved in the creation process of a crop circle, you may want to watch some good documentations about that?
This one is in German but it's the best out there. Maybe you can find subtitles?

Where's my last sentence?


Thanks for your comment and link (shau ich gerne rein) My title was only the hook. I don't have answers to the whole phenomenon, however I thought my little detail could be interesting for someone.

Twelve fold geometry. The square and the triangle. And gnomonic growth.


Thanks. Still I am new to sacred geometry. I understood this circle is the center of the Flower of Life.


Hi! I have just seen your comment on my old post. Thanks fellow crop-cicle fan!
Steem On.

See you around.