Intro to stress relief and time managing

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Good day my fellow Stemian brothers and sisters :)

Today I'll again write about time management and stress reliefs because I believe that some people, including me, could be more productive and more satisfied with almost every segment of our lives just by making some plans ahead and managing our time a little bit better.

There are a million ways of managing your time better but I found several that are ok to follow and relatively easy because I don't want to ruin my time by planing it so carefully that I lost track about it.

So let's start with time managing.

  1. Manage your minutes, not hours
    Most people tend to plan in a half an hour blocks or an hour block but some people swear it is better to count minutes. Manage your minutes because we also tend to shorten our task by a small number of minutes and that way we lose these precious minutes. I don't mean to be freak but some people really swear this works so I want to try it.

  2. Know your MIT
    MIT stands for a most important task and it represents your focus of the day. You must find out which task is the most important to you and to your family and you must put most of your energy in that particular task. Focus, focus and focus because focusing doesn't let you astray from your daily tasks.

  3. Beating procrastination
    First few times it will be like torturing yourself but when you realize you are doing your tasks and it brings you more joy than procrastinating, you'll feel relieved and very satisfied. You just need to persuade yourself a few times to do those tasks now, and I mean immediately and you will see how it is the same to do them now than later.

  4. Delegation
    Delegating jobs is one of the least developed and the rarest used managing virtues. Focus on how can something be done using every resources and people you have at disposal. Don't put everything on yourself, our friends or college or family can help and with that, we tend to get more connected.

After this little tie managing part, I want to write to you about stress reliefs. I am at the time in a great amount of stress and I am trying to get rid of it. Not the whole deal but I want to be able to sleep normally and to rest like a person. My brother is also going through even more amount of stress combined with no sleeping or resting and his body started to say no. So read this, my bro, I hope something will help you.

You have several stress relief strategies. There are lots of grown-up toys, music, games, activities, etc. I will write about stress relief activities because I want you to be more active in the outdoors since I believe that great amount of our stress comes from being indoors and in front of our computers and mobile phones.

  1. SLEEP
    You are going to laugh now but before going outdoors and making our life better, we must sleep enough to let our body and our mind to rest and to recharge with that life energy. Sleeping too much or too little can be devastating to our bodies. It can begin to shut down and we don't need that not ever.

  2. FOOD
    Also, we have to eat healthy and enough. Our body needs food to function properly, we need to feed our cells either in our brain or our body. Lack or too much food can exhaust us and make us even more unproductive and unsatisfied. Take care of your diet and please, plan your food in advance, it is going to help with panic eating.

    if you are sitting a lot, your body tends to get lazy with not only sports part but also a normal body functioning part. You need to exercise or walk a lot and you can even combine the walking with your time managing. Go in nature and while walking or jogging, record your plans for the day after.

These are the three main part of my vision of stress relieving. It has many strategies and parts but I think that without satisfying these 3, sleep, food, and exercise, that we cannot do other parts properly.

Thank you again for your time and I want to know how do you manage your time. Feel free to write about it in comments so we can have a little discussion about it.

See you soon my friends! Cheers :)

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thank you @tts :)

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thanky thanky!!!!

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I will try to follow those guidelines. Just got back from another doctor, he says I'm ok just anxious and in need of relaxation. weeee :/

Great post sis!

Thanky thanky :)

I can't wait to get my paycheck so we can go somewhere and enjoy. And I mean really enjoy and relax and everything. We will rest as we deserve my bro. Till then, follow these guidlines. I will also.

Cheers :)

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ohh i wanna sleep right now i'm tired and i can not sleep, i have excessive energy

Maybe when that happens you could do a quick workout, take a warm (not cold because it tends to wake me up even more) shower and eat something. That ussually gets me sleepy :)

Or start to read something hahaha :D