"Homo Balkanus" //Spain-Croatia 6:0//

in croatia •  2 months ago

Ok. I just have to say, pardon my language: "Whata fuck". I just came back from watching the game in a bar in Split. I watched the damn game and all i saw was chaos.
1 month ago the same national team that was second in the world...... Second!Silver medal!

And we were destroyed by the Spanish team 6:0. There were 500 thousand people meeting the same team a month ago in Zagreb, coming home after the worldcup and then they go out and embarrass themselves like this.

You play the final of the biggest football championship in the world and a month later you play like San Marino.

This is the Balkan mentality. You can be the best in the world one day and the next day youre among the worst.
You think like everything will come easily. You dont have to work for it now that you proven yourself. You went all out and now the world will provide. No it wont. Life goes one. Other players want what you have. Other players want to prove themselves like you did and they fight. They dont lie down on the ground and bow their heads in front of the second best team in the world...

Glory is for the retirees. They will bow once you are no longer on the field. But now... when you are, they will look to dethrone you...

Anyways. Just venting my frustration a bit. :D
Keep calm and use Febreze. :D

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It’s like after you take a big exam at school and think you can cruise the rest of your life. Nope, life needs you to show up and beat it each day. A good life lesson, they’ll get back up. Maybe they were on vacation.


I really cant say, but hopefully they dont stay on vacation for the next month when we play England.

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