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Good befor-morning friends of the musket, I know you are reading this at sovereign” dawn because I know them, and I know they have not shared this post yet, which makes me very sad.

But this is a serious newspaper, and not the pink press, so I can not be talking about my feelings no matter how handsome and famous they are, (or how beautiful and famous our dear readers 😎) but let's keep the gossip. Because what I am going to tell you from now on is a tragedy bigger than any human being in the individual ... an economic tragedy.A tragedy called inflation.


This is dear friends, I am about to tell you a great tragedy about inflation, And even if our dear Venezuelan friends do not believe it, they are not the only ones with inflation, and took the opportunity to say no, .... be pos is not about Venezuela, I know that our Venezuelan friends feel very special and they want us to talk all the time about how they live with inflation and the economic crisis and so, to date there is even now a so-called <Bolivar soverano> as a “sovereign”, is the only sovereign is the intellect what you need to have to stop wanting to 100 000 <Bolibares Fuertes> , I say ... if you had expected less than a million, the trillion to the trillion to the quintillion I say at least you have to be the first ones in something fuck that is not said that it is not for lack of consistency. 3 on 3, 6 to 6. Werever.


But well, even if Venezuelans do not believe it, they are not the only ones with inflation problems. In fact, inflation is something so everyday that for governments it has become something like a magic trick. They make us believe that inflation in Mexico it is controlled, but like the magician that whips its rings to show you that they are rigid, and then it turns out that one ring ends up inside another, the peso remains a little stiff but the Mexicans end up having it stuck ... inflation, I already know them.

Although inflation should be related to the ability of each citizen to buy with a certain amount of money. In Mexico there is a kind of tabulation to consider in a certain percentage each economic activity Individually.


That way, inflation in Mexico seems to be stable, since if Telmex stole $ 40 a year ago now it steals only 20 from you and if you put on it, it steals 10. mathematically it seems like your money has quadrupled in value, but Of course, that's not just an illusion, since public transport, tortillas and even drinking water are worth more than 3 years ago. No longer say the entrance to the cinema, that the “realy” is now worth less to go to the cinema, especially having other cheaper entertainment options such as Netflix, Dlive, El Mosquete, etc.

And is that the Mexican government has many inflated prices already planned to be deflated over time.

Meanwhile, corn, public transport, and even the condoms and pillls of post-day, have increased their price much, much more than double. This is especially noticeable in soft drinks since Coca Cola costs $MX12°° (0.80 USD) since a special tax was placed on sugar. Do not stain $MX 12°°. But my question is, why does Coca-Cola cost more without sugar? Why mineral water is also more expensive?

And it does not fly, it does not cleanse you, it does not help you with your math homework, it's just the same sugary Coca Cola as always but now it costs $MX 12°°.

But hey, as I told you before You was interrupted, this article is about Turkey, For educational purposes, we will consider the European Union as an apartment house, Germany is the caucasic of the penhouse, England is the big sucker who does not want live there because they can not stand the others and it is better to go live alone but it takes 10 years and it does not leave, the Netherlands is the dude that goes away as king and that everyone knows that sells LSDs... because there is no other way that someone can pay so many Raves a week walking dogs.

Well then in this way we can understand that Turkey would be the neighbor geek, akiba key, , he says he is Asian but we all know that if he is in the department, just like him bateau landes is for pure economic purposes, of course, no one lives in an apartment house just because he wants to

-Dude! "We are going to live in that house where the gas will end without us noticing because there are another 18 bastards who they bathe in the same boiler !!

  • IS True bastard, but only that the one who collects the rent is an amnesic dude that we receive 17 times the month that we already pay. And also have the cynicism of asking what if we do not want to advance a month at a time Taking advantage of it is already there.

True?... TRUE??

Well, just like the neighbor tacky Turkey is rather poor, And while most of those who live in the house have a little place called Euro zone, Turkey ... is dedicated to selling cards of Yu Gi Oh! Win cosplay contests, fail in the

E-Sports, burn pirate video games to send them to the children of French, install the horns to the German car, things like that are not entirely profitable, but have allowed him to have a little changarrito what is called the lira.

Lately it has not gone well in his changarro and has begun to try to mine bitcoins, and also is interested in some things like that of the referred ones already made an account in steemit And of course as Turkey is very smart is already following the blog of musketeers and already reesteemio this post. And on a journalistic level we should ask ourselves: What implications will this have in the world of cryptocurrencies?

I can not tell you because I'm running out of space in this article, maybe next week I can tell you in detail all the information that has come to me from the Turkish Central Bank, Or maybe I'll be nice and tell them something about Injustice. That game is cool.


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