New Zealand triumphs, India falls in a pressure game

in #cricket4 years ago


Chasing a modest target of 240 runs in World Cup semifinal, India were all out for 221 runs. They would have made much less had it not for partnership between Dhoni and Jadeja.

I am really disappointed and feel very low but never mind. There were days when I didn’t eat food on the days when India lost. I had my dinner today but couldn’t be bothered to go for a walk.

I am rooting for England and hope they make it to finals by beating Australia tomorrow.


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Oh! Don’t take it too hard!!
There are good days and bad days!
Send out positive vibes to make things turn out better! Even a little bit help!

Best of luck for England!

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Thank you

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Well played though lost. Hope for the best for next time.

Thank you

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