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RE: Leri tweed mill, Mid Wales visited 2019

in #crestuvecoin4 years ago

You're telling me you balanced on that and didn't fall in?


You manage to find a lot of time capsules, you will need to let me know your strategies at some point in doing this. Driving around with your eyes open works to some extent. I did a burned-out pub earlier but artifacts were scarce.


My arse was wet I can tell you!had to shimmy most of the way!
Yes keep your eyes open, is always good idea.
I have had some spectacular fails too, but that’s part of the fun, win some lose some.

The shit we have to do to get where we want too eh? I have had soggy feet more than once, trying to avoid swamps in order to get in somewhere. It's like being a kid all over again.

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