Leri tweed mill, Mid Wales visited 2019

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Leri Tweed Mill was one of Ceredigions first woolen mills. It was built around 1809 consisting of several buildings; two tweed mills, a spinning and carding shed, a wool / washing shed, a dye shed and a craft shop.

Initially the tweed was sold locally to farmers and miners but for at least the last thirty years of operation the mill was open to the public, with demonstrations of all of the processes on view, and most importantly a shop that sold tweed, garthen (a tapestry used as a bed covering), rugs and postcards.

The rise of foreign travel in the late seventies led to a fairly rapid decline in business. Sadly the mill finally stopped trading in April 1981 and was initially put on the market for £150,000. A buyer wasn't found and the mill remains in the family that ran it from 1950.


Elizabeth and John Hughes outside the old mill, located in Tal-y-bont, near Aberystwyth, Wales which they owned and ran from the 1950,s


Fortune favours the brave, I’m glad I kept my balance as I was justly rewarded






Amazing that the yarn still maintained irs dye after nearly 40 years



Some truely nice photos.. I love how green and jungly it looks.. I swear id pitch a tent there and make it my house xD xD xD

Yes very ethereal,not sure about being there in the winter though!

Hmmm I like the winter to say the least... Although out winters are not snowy and ice cold. But yet again perhaps one winter as ive never seen snow or experienced the cold of that cold hehe.

You're telling me you balanced on that and didn't fall in?


You manage to find a lot of time capsules, you will need to let me know your strategies at some point in doing this. Driving around with your eyes open works to some extent. I did a burned-out pub earlier but artifacts were scarce.

My arse was wet I can tell you!had to shimmy most of the way!
Yes keep your eyes open, is always good idea.
I have had some spectacular fails too, but that’s part of the fun, win some lose some.

The shit we have to do to get where we want too eh? I have had soggy feet more than once, trying to avoid swamps in order to get in somewhere. It's like being a kid all over again.

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