Introduction To Credits- The Unique Blockchain For Speed, Decentralization, And Scalability

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For human beings Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention but every invention needs more development. For example, if you compare the 1990's television with current television then you can find the same ideology with finest work delivery. So yes we can't ignore Bitcoin's Blockchain because it is the first Blockchain but we can't stick with that single Blockchain only because there are many limitations in Bitcoin's Blockchain like slow speed, less Scalability, no smart contract, etc.

So here we need the finest Blockchain to resolve our requirement issue and ladies and gentleman here I'm introducing Credits; The fastest blockchain. If BItcoin's Blockchain is the 1990' Television then Credits Blockchain is the LED/LCD television. So stick with this article I will justify why Credits is the unique blockchain for speed, decentralization, and scalability.

How is Credits faster than other blockchains?

As I told you Bitcoin is like the 1990's TV so it's unfair to compare the speed of Credits Blockchain with Bitcoin Blockchain so let's compare some other competitors of Credits. In an interview with Igor Chugunov, (Founder and CEO at CREDITS.COM) on Altcoin Magazine, he told that EOS, Tron, Ethereum and other open-source platforms for decentralized applications are the main competitors of Credits and among all competitors, Tron is the fastest blockchain which can take 2-3sec for transaction and 6-8 sec for smart contract execution and up to 2,000 TPS but Credits take 0.1sec for transaction and can process more than 50 000 transactions per second with very low fee from 0.001$. And the speed of Credits is also greater than VISA and Paypal. 0*X7pMtyiLhbfGO4aW.pngDo you know? Team of the Credits blockchain stage finished testing of the framework Alpha version. The objective was to check what is its most extreme burden and how it is impervious to preparing enormous volumes of the transaction, recognize its issues and resolve them and they found At the pinnacle load the framework could process pool (obstruct) of 488 403 transactions per second. Obviously Alpha version is in the development stage because it needs more refurbishment to know more about the testing of the Alpha version you can check this Article. Anyway, the current transaction speed still needs consideration.

How Credits is more scalable than other?

Credits Blockchain is more scalable than others because the Credits blockchain platform is coded in C++ and a smart contract is written in Java on another side when you think to use Ethereum Blockchain then you need to learn solidity language first but here in Credits blockchain you need two common and universal language like java and C++. Because of simplicity Credits can be used by any industry. Credits give a lot of consideration to security worries by presenting a consensus algorithm called CDCA (Credits Decision Consensus Algorithm) with included highlights of dPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and BFT (Byzantine adaptation to non-critical failure). So now Credits blockchain is not only faster and scalable but also secure.Add a subheading.png

Usecase of Credits Blockchain order to know whether a blockchain project is valuable or not you need to find out its use-cases and the importance of a blockchain project rises when a blockchain project not only provide services to big company but also to everyone in daily life. Now let's discuss the use case of Credits project and to know the importance of Credits Blockchain you need to visit the partner section of Credits website where you can see tech giant like Lenovo, IBM, Oracle etc. are not only the partner of Credits Blockchain but also they are using Credits Blockchain to develop their product. And any common developer can also use Credits Blockchain to develop any kind of DApps & Services. Stay tuned my next article is about real-life use of Credits Blockchain. For more information must connect to Credits Blockchain all important links are below.

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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is for your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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