Creator-Guilds art Contest | Humanized Drawing Challenge 02 | would it be fun?

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yo there!

welcome back to the Creator-Guild's second contest!!, and also sorry for a whole day delayed because i focus on the creatorguilds website building (i'm not a professional Programmer but my friend is) its a a fun teamworks ^^

Oh.. okay so i personally want the contest to be as fun as possible so the participant will not getting bored in the process

And also there will be a bit changes for this contest especially for the contest's names

The Contest name will now and then becoming the

Creator-Guilds Contest | Humanized Drawing Challenge

But you don't need to write that long for your post titles. You can just write it as
Humanized Drawing Contest 02 - your title will goes Here!

Why Humanized

It's full of meanings! just depent on how you see it ;) a humanized can be a tranform from animal-human like the Cat-girl for the example or even Fire-human, and ETC.

Before talking about the contest, first i would love to give a bit explaination about what is the Creator-Guilds

What is the creator-guilds?

For now it is a small community that engaged in helping each creators and artist on steemit to promote their artworks and informative content like a drawing turorials, digital art, watercolor paint, caricatures, doodles, etc

What is the mission?

Building a Decentralized Social Media Platform for artist that seems like the Deviantart but based on the steem blockchain! (Currently under progress!!)


The rules (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) :

  • just draw and post only your original artworks
  • post it on your own blog with the process descriptions for the proff of your original content
  • The title have to be Humanized Drawing Challenge 02 | Your title Goes here!
  • use the creatorguilds as as your second tags. (Edited)
  • resteem this post so it can reach the others ;), an upvotes would make it better.
  • don't post the same character that you've been posted on steemit before
  • there is no limited on how to draw it, it can be a digital art, paper drawing, water color, etc. except using the character generator
  • add a small watermark on your artworks with your steemit username
  • paste the link to your post below on the coment sections
  • The deadlines is February 1th 2018 and the winners will be announced on February 3th 2018 Two days after the submission Closed!

What is the theme for this week contest…??

Bunny girl!

have to admit that i'm a kawaii addict XD
  • Basically you can just draw a normal cutes girl then add the rabbit ears on it's head XD

Here is The Example of my WIP and Unnamed new OC ;)

will finish it soon as my entry ^^, Don't worry it's just for fun and impossible for me to win my Contest =3

Created with Huion Inspiroy on MedibangPaint Pro


How about the prize??

The Prize will be as the follows….

2 SBD for the 1st winner
1.5 SBD for the 2nd winner
1 SBD x 2 for the 3rd winner

This week judges will be aranda, ellyn-suraya & zhafiqkun !! ~(˘▾˘~)

Also Take a look at the previous contest winners Here :

Creator-Guilds Drawing Contest winners list | 1st week

Anime character Compilation Source
all the memes are Generated via imgflip


if you have any questions or maybe a suggestions for improving this contest, you can contac me direcly via discord (you can find me in the Creator-Guilds discord server)

Aaaand everyone are invited to join in our discord server here ^^.

So, let’s Join the creator-guilds family on the discord for more informations about the contest and for the easier conversation with another artist on the steemit blockchains

Simply click the image below to join us

Want to be a sponsors ?

Yes! Sponsors are very Welcome and the will get theeir name mentioned on the weekly contest post

My name is aranda, and this is how I colored my days

“Chemical, Art, Memes”

have a great works, see you guys XD

Don't forget to having fun !

By : @aranda

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hey there ^^

reply to this comment with the link to your entry =3

Hi, its totally fun for me, so don't take it serious.. :D
here is my entry

Here is my entry. Are there any limitation in the number of entries in this contest?


up to two entries, thanks for reminder me i forgot to write it XD

Great article


Thanks it's a contest, come and join in ^^


Hahha i need to join, but i cant drawing

Can't wait to see what we would get this round ^^


Yeah me too XD

Super hype! I'm gonna hopefully give this another shot if I have time! Always excited to tap into my old anime influenced side. :p


Haha great that you're interested to join XD
Will see your entry ;)

Wow so cool, I also like drawing something inhumane, lol. But my drawing isn't kawai, intead it will looks kowai, lol 😂


Ahaha, anyway i still excited to see it xD

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