My Interview w/ Future Current : Can Cryptocurrency Empower Next-Generation Designers?

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Fellow Steemians,

I was recently invited to become part of a group of experimental creatives in New York City called Future Current. Co-founders Darius Woo and Katie Kasabalis sat down with me a couple weeks back and had a long chat about the future of cryptocurrency within the art and design fields. I spoke at length about Steem, @sndbox and the Steem Park project.

The Future Current team has a young but strong social media footprint and exposure to some iconic design institutions. Namely, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, BIG, Urban-X and humbly, the @sndbox incubator. I'm honored to be Current's first interviewee. Here are a few excerpts from the talk, below and a bit more about the group itself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.42.07 AM.png

My interview spanned some broad issues regarding the good and bad of the design profession today. I emphasized Steem as a transformative resource for creatives to empower their work and tap into disruptive new networks. This is our goal with the @sndbox incubator.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.37.47 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.37.30 AM.png

When you have a moment, take a look at the full interview, here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.46.59 AM.png

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Hell yeah Kirk! I'm gonna check this out pronto, looks awesome.


Hey thanks man! It was a fun chat too. Much more to come :)

congratulations on the fantastic interview, they used your words/quotes so well putting them together in a coherent context.....really great piece

I think you will gonna be famous soon. Awesome work and handsome shots Captain Kirk 🖖


Haha thanks my man. Live long and prosper!

Hi Kirk. I'm going to make a point to start keeping a closer eye on your and Michael's blogs. Another excellent post. Really seems like you guys have your hand in a little bit of everything and it's all incredibly positive. So impressed!

I don't thing you guys could be in a better place to do what you are doing The Big Apple. What an exciting city to live in. Are you from NYC?

I grew up in Albany and would only visit once or twice a year. I'd see a Yankee game with my dad, wander around China Town, little Italy, maybe times square. I love the culture and different neighborhoods. I could spend weeks just wandering the streets of this huge culturally diverse place.

Anyway I just wanted to stop by. Thank you for all your support with the sndbox and my blog. Hope you are well! -Dan

Good post,This is absolutely amazing@voronoi

@voronoi I'm not very familiar with this post, but unfortunately very enjoy it

@voronoi a very good phrase, indeed for now this social media should we use as possible ... of course that make a lot of money

Glad to hear how experts are appreciating the cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms and these are gonna be our future.
Bookmarked the interview page for later as I'm so tired from work but surely It would be a pleasure to read. :)

if you ask me this question? My answer will be definitely yes.
Crypto is the future.
Crypto empower each and anything :)

Cool! I follow you.

I like how you conceptualized @sndbox as a diverse campus... Not only can it empower next-generation designers but also writers, artists, poets and photographers can be empowered by cryptocurrencies.

This is absolutely amazing
Will do well to take a look on that when i am less busy


Thank you!

good post, I think the designer will still be successful as long as it can still satisfy his customers, it is the key either now or in the future and certainly depends on the market

Steemit and steem is a great tool for empowerment

I emphasized Steem as a transformative resource for creatives to empower their work and tap into disruptive new networks.

Once here, there is hope to empowerment

Awesome post! I’m an artist and creative consultant who joined 16 days ago for exactly this reason...getting creatives onto steemit seems like a no brainer. I’d love to see more arts organizations recognize the platform as an incubator for the arts community!

I found your project only today and was incredibly surprised that such an entity manifested itself so powerfully in such an unusual space as Steemit and, more than that, successfully and fruitfully functions in it. I also read the entire interview consecrated in this post. But probably because English is not my native language and I speak it not very well and because of the limited time I was not able to understand - in the project do you suppose that people who require your assistance will find you themselves or do you have plans to carry out certain "search work"? Thank you!

Yes, cryptocurrency will and is already helping designers and others. And Steem, this here, is helping so much and it will continue to develop as we develop it. But ESPN said they can watch you through your TV. So, there is technocracy all around us. But we can do our best with blockchain and Bitcoin and everything in the face of globalists.

Very good
please help follow and vote me master.

hopefully steem increases, good word. I will follow you. thanks for sharing

hopefully steem increases, good word. I will follow you. thanks for sharing

Yes indeed, Steemit are full of creative people. It's a storehouse of talent. Good luck to you.