The Crypto "it’s Kind of Like..." Competition

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Connecting the Dots

Ever since we launched our weekly Crypto Art competition, we’ve been getting great engagement and attracting new users through @creativecrypto’s Facebook page and Twitter account. We’re constantly witnessing the need for creative representations of the technology to draw in and compel the next generation of blockchain users.

Today, we want to try something a bit different that might bring a whole new dimension of the crypto-world to the curious. Over the last couple of years, we (and I’m sure most you all reading this) have had to twist ourselves into pretzels trying to explain blockchain and cryptocurrency to friends, family, colleagues, professors, pets, accountants, and the bathroom mirror. One of the proven tactics is to come up with an understandable analogy for how different parts of the technology work. Common ones are “like digital points in video games” or “like stocks in a company.” We figured that other Steemians have had to overcome these same hurdles, so as a community activity we thought we could try...

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The Crypto "it’s Kind of Like..." Competition

For this competition, we’d like to learn about your best analogies. To be considered for one our top prizes, please follow these guidelines -

  • Submit a comment! (1 per person)
  • Your analogy must be 2-3 sentences. If you like, you can also include a note about the time you used it on someone else.
  • Make sure to submit your comment by Monday April 23, 10pm EST
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We will curate 5-10 of the best analogies, publish them on the @creativecrypto account (to be further shared on our other social-media outlets), and pair them with a custom sketch by our team of illustrators! Each of the top comments will receive a 10% upvote by @sndbox and all successful entries will receive a partial upvote.

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Custom illustrations created by Creative Crypto illustrator @zsolt.vidak



Today, crypto is getting more popular and a lot of people are beginning to want to deepen it. I just studied crypto earlier this year. As I studied I also shared it with the people closest and tried to make them understand. Full of challenges, because crypto is something really unique and new, it's like science fiction for them. Finally I found an analogy that I think is appropriate enough to mean how the crypto works. Below is my analogy:

The Crypto, it's kind of like the love, we never want a third party in love, even though it's just an intermediary of our love. We want that love to be conveyed directly from "I" to "You", it's called peer to peer. That's how crypto works peer to peer like love, and our closest people serve as witnesses of our love (crypto).

Thank you @karmachela for a winning submission! We'll be publishing your analogy next week on the @creativecrypto account with custom illustrations.

AWESOMEEE! Thanks for the great competition @sndbox and @creativecrypto.

Crypto is like a box of firecrackers, you never know which one will be a dud, a stud or or one that gets stuck in the mud! We’ve all learned that every crypto might get some fud but we hodl on coins like steem in anticipation of the next Big Bang!

Thank you @yonny for a winning submission! We'll be publishing your analogy next week on the @creativecrypto account with custom illustrations.

Wohooo! Thanks for running this awesome competition I really enjoyed reading all the entries. You’re the best! :))

Crypto is like a millennial's avant-garde veggie based diet a cucumber burger! Yes!

You are going to pursue it because it is going to change the world... And your life.

But truly.....
you will never be able to fully get it till you reallyyy get it.

And.... it is painful

because you know that meat consumption is so tasty

like... no matter how great the crypto is... you will never be able to leave Sir. Benjamin for good....


Thank you @mintvilla for a winning submission! We'll be publishing your analogy next week on the @creativecrypto account with custom illustrations.

Cryptocurrency is kind of like bacteria spreading around the world with so many sources that nobody can kill it around the globe.

This bacteria can be mutated into good which like Steemit providing platform to reward content curator and building up an awesome community or mutated into bad like various type of scam, abuser and phishing activities going around trying to get more!

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility​

It’s probiotic:)

Thank you @aaronleang for a winning submission! We'll be publishing your analogy next week on the @creativecrypto account with custom illustrations.

Awesome! Thank you @sndbox

Referring to Blockchain:

It's kind of like sending a group text that you can't edit or delete. When you send it, everyone gets a copy and regardless of who sends the message everyone has the same record of the conversation. So it would basically be impossible to get rid of that history if it were a group text with millions of recipients.

good analogy... if getting rid of the message from everyone else's accounts wasn't exactly what Facebook did with all messages sent by their CEO at one point X/

Glad that can't happen here on steemit :)

But, FB's villainy aside, it's a pretty good analogy !

now that I think about it, it means it's even MORE secure than group messages ;)

Thank you @midlet for a winning submission! We'll be publishing your analogy next week on the @creativecrypto account with custom illustrations.

Yay! Awesome! Thanks @sndbox!

dear @sndbox
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Great comments I like your comments

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Cryptocurrency is kind of like cash receipts you receive after paying for a product; in this case, the receipts are digital. Also instead of getting the popular one-year warranty, you get warranty for a lifetime which means that you can return this receipt at anytime and have your money back. Another beautiful thing is that you can exchange this receipt with anyone who shops from that same supermarket!

Cheers @Sndbox!

Cryptocurrency... it's kind of like... honey in a bee hive. The honey is owned by a community of bees that all contribute to building the wax foundation (the blockchain). The honey is a sweet reward that is shared among those that help to build the community and make it better, healthier and stronger.

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I can't stop laughing at this.

Last week, I explained the blockchain to a little green man with big hairy ears in this terms :

It’s kind of Jedi force it’s everywhere, everybody can use it with some training, the past is always there, the future is predictable and calculable but you can fall in the dark side if you don’t use it wisely.

He vanished convinced... :-)

Every crypto is like a human being. Well-known krypto coins are poor if the rich people are very little known. Crypto is human. Because when there is a negative event, its value falls. If people show him love, he's worth more. He's a little egotistical because he thinks he's on top if you value too much.

analogy.... hmmm...

Let's try this one:

If we were to compare a cryptocurrency-based social media platform with facebook. we'd get this:

Facebook is like a giant one-way mirror that looks like a noticeboard with separators. Everyone has their little square of content that they, and those closest to them, can see, and they can seemingly deploy their separators as they choose, to make some information difficult if not impossible to see if you're not in their inner circles.

They're all under the impression that only those close to them, and those passing by, can see what they post on what THEY think it just a gigantic noticeboard.

But, unknown to them, Mark Zuckerberg and his employees are dashing back and forth on the other side of the mirror, where there are NO separators, noting down that you like this and that kind of music, and then selling that information to the highest bidder, or just keeping it in their own little notebooks, so that even if you remove that information from your board, it'll still be there, even if you don't know it.

On Steemit, or another cryptocurrency based system, everyone knows that it's a mirror.

And now, instead of the noticeboard-mirror serving to pay those on the other side, you all collectively go around to the other side of the mirror at the end of each day, looking at everything that's been put up, and decide to allocate the profits of the platform amongst yourselves according to how much you like it, who's rubbed who's back, and who's been yelling the loudest (ya got to be honest in these analogies ;) )

And this time, since you're all on the other side of the mirror/noticeboard once a day, you all know the information is shared with everyone, and you can see if anyone has backed up your information somewhere.

Hmmm... I think the analogy started off interesting, but lost steem (get it) once I got to actually trying to explain a crypto-based system with it :/

Cryptocurrency... it's kind of like... Life, just the way life has it's up and down so does Cryptocurrency moon and dip, Just like the way you plan and life has other plans for you so does Cryptocurrency rises when you lease expect it and falls when you think it will rise.

Just as the way life is fair to some people and is unfair to some people that is just the way Crytocurrency is, Some people posses the most valuable set of coins while others don't.

just the same way life throw an opportunity at you and turn your life around from being broke to being rich within a short time, so can a shitty coin rise in value tomorrow and change one's life for the better.

Crypto currency it’s kinda like us having a gold reserve and based on that reserve, we issue ‘credit’ to people. The ‘credit’ owned by the people is the token in crypto currency, whereby it is not real but pegged with something like commodity, fiat currency or trust.

Disclaimer: Stupidity Alert

I recently came up with this one to excuse my own ignorance and inability to fully explain the blockchain and the 'where does the money come from?' question. I also use it to explain my interaction with the blockchain

Blockchain and's kind of like driving a car. You may not yet understand the mechanics behind it but you drive it anyway

How do you explain the blockchain to people who have a basic understanding of economics, but know nothing about technology? This is what I came up with:

The Blockchain is the first economic revolution that could actually be successful in decentralising the means of production instead of centralising them in the hands of a few companies (capitalism) or one government (socialism). While today's economy depends on middleman such as Paypal, Airbnb, Uber and eBay that take huge cuts for providing a platform as a necessary mean of production, the brokers of tomorrow will be Blockchains that are owned by nobody and can establish trust between two parties while transferring the whole value of a transaction between them instead of redistributing a part of it to the middleman in power and increasing the economic inequality by doing so.

My mum asked me once what is cryptocurrency, it was really not easy to explain. It is a kind of invisible currency for that you do not need a bank, it gives you a flexibility and you do not need to exchange the currency if you travel from one country to other, you can get access anytime from any place only you need an access to computer with your e-wallets.

Crypto is like a universe consisting of networks that are connected to each other between micro-creatures and macro creatures. The great universe is contained within it a small to large celestial body as well as the beginning of crypto that begins by one network into a larger network. So it can not be separated again between small things and big things, because it affects each other.

The crypto, it's kind of like philosopher's stone from A Saint which can change an iron to be a gold.

Very distinctive and really nice post
Encryption has become a big thing

Crypto currency is kind of like everything you dont understand about money,from the money transaction point of view, so you look at your wallet and the name you can call is "crypto" , then it gets to a point where none of it seems real. But then wealth is about having lots of options not just money.

great post sir...very good writing my dear friend @sndbox,i really really love this post all time,thank you for sharing with us,

crypto is the future and the future is now

Very nice post..i love this post sir,,,
I appreciate your writing..


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Crypto, it's kind of like owning your own bank that you can keep in your pocket, it prints its own money, pays you the interest accrued, and keeps every record of transaction ever

Very interesting notices. Be happy and we support you!!@sndbox

READY!!! To explain blockchain and cryptocurrency to friends, family, colleagues, professors, pets, accountants, and bathroom mirrors😊

Cryptocurrency is kind of like an entrepreneurship training given to people in order for people to learn and also for the trainer to learn more.
Where am I going to, its just digit used for the sale of things

It's nut just an competition. It's also a business!

Cryptocurrency... it's kind of like... a Castle made of walls, walls made of rocks and rocks chiselled by men.
Before start we always know how many rocks we have but not how many people will live in the Castle. To give an order... we should give a number...

Let's say..3 people can live into the Castle by brick?

And for live in the Castle you have to chisel or help a little in making a brick. But you can also buy them directly and hodl them to change the value of the rock for example.

So you must commit in the construction... cause Cryptocurrency Rocks!

Great Initiative @Sndbox Team!

Maybe we should give a little new color and fresh wind about this, otherwise it will feel boring and monotonous. I would love to enjoy the beauty and high art of crypto based, maybe a little new breakthrough that we can find solutions from various references. Good work, have a nice day @sndbox

Nice post, sir!

Friend. Don't do this again, else you will be frustrated on steemit.

I'm so sorry friends. I will do not again, i will be becarefully. Thanks for your advice 😂

Cryptocurrency is kind of like a partner to face the life. I have a hard life, spending so much money to fund your family life while the person who's working is just myself. Thanks Cryptocurrency cause you exist in this world and made my income higher than before.

Presto-Chango: Cryptocurrency is like when you buy something online. You place an order and digital bits and bytes get sent through the ether and presto-chango(1) your item gets shipped. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay transaction fees to anybody. It is sort of like what PayPal wanted to be but failed.


great post,,,
know a new metter.

Learn to read a post before commenting.

Cryptocurrency is internet money that can worth more than real money and it can be traded for real money.

Explained to my 71 years old mom a month ago.

excellent friend.

Cryptocurrency is kind of like...a..... box of chocolate where is tasty candy for everyone :)

its really great content of platform,

Crypto is kind of like a delicate but precious thing we need to watch constantly to know if it's time to sell or time to buy. It's like gold if we hit the jackpot when sold at a high price. It's like Christmas when the value is down.

The Crypto "it’s kind of like a market for bipolars. Everything is good one day, everything is terrible on another!" 😲

Crypto is a very good competition

Cryptocurrency is like having an imaginative money somewhere but this money can be turned into real money. Like buying stocks for few cents, the stocks are virtual-like and you monitor their growths. You buy it with the hope that it will increase one day so that you can sell it for profit. Cryptocurrency is like that too. You exchange fiat (currency) with the virtual money and hope it increases so that you can sell.

Sometimes you follow 'experts' view on which tokens or coins to buy so that you can make profit and minimise possible loss.

I don't think you would like my analogy, because it exposes the truth about block chain.

However one can comprehend Block Chain if they ever have had a bank lock box. The banker first identifies you and locates the correct key for your lock box. You produce your key and the banker puts your rented lock box on a table and leaves.

The rules of the game.

Everyone can decide who to do business with. That can be you or not as the case may be. This is of course another lock one gets past with the consent of those whom would do business with you.

So if the server on the internet decides not to do business with you. You loose access to the Block Chain.

Sad really that people don't realize this fact.

The blockchain and the future:
Imagine that a certain phone company makes a new one for sale, but since the company is not so well known, the phones are not selling much, and you have $ 200 and you want to buy it, but you start asking for advice from people who do not know nothing (still use fax), and you are afraid to buy it for fear of losing your money, but it turns out that this phone starts to buy everyone because it was great, and becomes popular and is no longer so easy to buy, and good now It has another price, which you can not pay.
Well everything that has to do with the blockchain and the cryptocurrency is like that, if you already know that this is the future, and you want to buy, ask for advice from people who have already invested (for example not your neighbor the junkie), be smart, then you will regret.

Blockchain is like the perfect community

from the days before civilisation when we lived by simple but reliable rules. Everyone in the community contributed something to the collective and everyone got fed. The original tokenisation.

Steemit's Delegated Proof of Stake consensus,

for example was kind of like the first politics when we decided that we should vest our decision making powers in certain technically minded individually minded people and when we think they're not doing a good job, we can nominate from a council of others.

The only difference is that before we had written history we had to have very good memories about who did what.

An open ledger is like Darwins Theory of Evolution

personified in the fossil record. It records and cannot be changed or undone. Once we find all the pieces we have an unbroken chain of events back to the genesis block, which may or may not be the weird guy from Prometheus, degenerating himself so that we exist, or panspermian globules of life raining down from the cosmos, or as more mundane, the infinite server, located at the bottom of a smoking chimney miles beneath the sea, belching out the chemicals of life until they chime with life.

Blockchain is like cosmology and atoms are it's blocks.

The genesis block of the big bang has moved on a long way since the early days. One day multidimensional block web tunnels will connect the earliest blockchains to an ecosystem of endless information as pools of knowledge coalesce and collide in the ever expanding unspace of the internet .

Blockchain is the memory bank of the approaching singularity

which will produce an intelligence unlike anything else on the planet before. A culmination of all knowledge ever recorded, breathed into life with Artificial or should I say inorganic intelligence algorithms.

Blockchain - It's the future and this is day one !

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