How I Got Rich

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You know when you live in Mexico City where printing things on shirts is super affordable and easy because there is one street spanning for about a mile or more that has endless stores selling the printing service, endless stores selling all the possible shirts, and even endless stores selling the device to make them (and even more stores selling the parts to make the device to make the shirts)? So, when my rapper boyfriend said he was going to get some shirts made since he is going on tour, I decided I would get some too.

I wasn't planning on making anything in bulk, but I had just bought these halter tops from H&M that I thought would look more original (obv, eh?) with something cool written on them. But...what?

I'm not sure exactly why I came up with what I did. Or, I have seen these posts circulating on Instagram that say BE A POEM and I thought that was cool, but not so original (not originated by me anyway). But in that direction I went to eventually come up with SOI POEZÍA. In Spanish, *soy poesía" means I am poetry. I just think it sounds better in Spanish, just like BE A POEM sounds better in English (in Spanish it is SE UN POEMA). Anyway, with a little help from the best boyfriend ever, @kidpistola, we came up with SOI POEZÍA, a little remake of the direct Spanish translation for I AM POETRY.

And that's the story of how I got rich. Just kidding, but let's see. No joke, let's see. Hit me back up in a year and see where I'm at.

I posted this pic on my Instagram today and already sold some (for $10 each plus shipping), which I will have to go make.


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berkunjunglah ke web

estan cuchi me gustan jeeeeee podria ser tu modelo buena iniciativa

Adorable! Brilliant shirt idea. :)

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