Powering the Creative in YOU • Dare to Dream & Desire to DO! Self-Powered Creation

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Self-Powered Creation

Is the willingness to tap your creative well and open your imaginative floodgates. Self-powered creation is not only about releasing your mind, but also about energizing it. This energy does not will itself into creation for us, we instead are the energy.

We can rise to crescendo, together, in this orchestra

I realize that we all have our own perception of creativity and that there might be some confusion as to why I use such ambiguous language. I want interpretation to be up to the reader. I do not wish to define what is creative to my readers, but instead, I want each reader to open their own creative power and define these terms for themselves. Each of us must compose 'our own symphony' that harmonizes with our own life.

I create to live and I live to create.

What better way to express that to you than an illustration? I have one even better. Allow me to show you what I mean by self-powered creation.


I took these photos around 2011 and they were initially for a project, but I found a few other uses.

I wanted to learn vector design so that is exactly what I did - I learned. I started by learning the Pen tool and tracing these two images of myself (above).

This was one of my first Illustrator works (maybe the first) ever:

You can see my use of color was far from 'pleasing' and my crude use of raster effects didn't help. It is certainly a work that I can critique to no end, but it serves a purpose to convey the message of this post.

We are self-powered creators

We have so much waiting to come out, to escape into the world - set your creativity free! Let it roam. Explore and search within yourself for that power. Harness that energy to create something and just do it. Try and you might surprise yourself. There's much to learn even from failures, so create without fear of failing. We can learn and grow if we allow ourselves to fail.

We are the power and we are creation. We are infinitely creative beings that possess the fuel for creativity. I have written about tapping into your creative energy in previous posts and even published this extensive article: 7 Ways to Complete YOUR Creative Circuit 🧠 In-Depth 'How-To' on Enhancing Your Inner-Creative! to help more people find the desire to create. We have the ability, it's a matter of desire.

DREAM, But Also DO!

I thought about what else could do with this drawing, so I have chopped it up and used it in all sorts of other works since. Here is a more refined version of the "self-powered lamp"


This is my visual expression of how we are the power, the light bulb, the lamp.

We are the creative power that sparks ideas and innovation. We ARE powerful creators who are able to shine light in dark places. Steemit affords creatives a new environment to use. Not only can we power our dreams with STEEM, like I am doing with @dream24hours right now, but we can expand the community of creators while rewarding creativity. What other social outlets can you do that with?

Steemit is a realm of new possibility

This is a realm of all new possibility here. We are talking about an environment that can harness creative communities and allow them to grow and realize their dreams. STEEM is a real way to empower the human creative experience and one click to http://steemtools.com/ is proof enough that we are part of a community that is so intensely creative and giving. What you can imagine can become reality in many instances.


Steemit is imperfect and that is perfect for us

I love that Steemit is imperfect and incomplete. You and I would have less opportunity if this entire platform were 'complete'. WE ARE THE MISSING PARTS. I would not have the opportunities that I have right now without this ecosystem being incomplete. You see, that is the beauty of what we have here - this is all that we make of it. We are the fuel and the power.



I am a dreamer and I am a creator. I see that I have the power to do both and so I DO. SEE YOURSELF this way. YOU are full of creative energy. If you are ready to tap that well, read this latest post:

Freelancing Tips for Steemit Service Providers, Freelancers, & Creative Hustlers

Together We Rise

If you could use some inspirational hairspray on your creative flame - let's chat! If you are interested in more content like this be sure to follow @grow-pro and @dream24hours for much more to come.

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Very powerful message. I wish more people were inclined to do so.
I've ust started up a new contest I thought might interest you, if you wanna check it out :)

wow I absolutely love this kind of art!

Your first vector is AWESOME🎉💯
Thanks for sharing that with us!! I love how it evolved too! Really fine details!! Great stuff Brandon!! Coolio 💙💚💜

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