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When I wrote about creative process previously I described all of the various Life Scenes that could be improved by improving creative skills, knowledge and confidence. So now we want to consider what we want to work on next. If you go back to all I wrote on creative process you (and I) can use the process to make choices about our next endeavors. Since my house burned down I have really had to consider what I want to create in my life again.

There are many life scenes that one can use creativity to explore, enhance and express within but I want to focus on career and business first. Personally I have to do this, but in a larger sense the reason this is important is because I feel that the most positive and sustainable directions for America and the world to take will be provided by citizens and ethical businesses. In the early 21st century wisdom seems to elude many politicians and corruption does not. This is not to say that corruption does not exist in business, it certainly does and is often despicable. What we want is to have the wisest and best citizens within different careers and businesses inspire and lead – perhaps then many politicians will actually begin supporting the higher will and direction of a more enlightened populace.

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So whether you are looking at your career or business or any other chosen life scene one of the most effective methods of enhancing creativity is by asking the question:
What’s next?

The question can trigger the imagination and creative thinking. It will stimulate ideas and is especially effective for triggering the imagination. By now we realize two of the most important aspects of creativity are imagination and visualization. What we imagine, the images we choose to view and visualizations we choose to contemplate are very important. We know that imagination can be either a positive or negative factor in life and the negative imagination is often the tool of fear. We want to be aware and develop the discipline to overcome debilitating imaginings. The positive imagination is fun and beneficial. When focused by visualizing the imagination is a powerful aid in creating.
Both imagination and visualization are well worth exploring, exercising and using to create what we want as we ask ourselves - what's next?
Stay Creative Steemers.
Writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018


Great post!

Thanks - doing what I can. The twists and turns of the journey require creative thinking these days.

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