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By using some of the creative systems from motion pictures we can really learn to think in terms of scenes and hence our own life scenes. By using these systems we can bring more skill and creative confidence to our lives. I call these Mopic Systems and they can be dramatically effective in improving creativity, imagination and visualization skills. I introduce this concept in my forthcoming book and have numerous chapters explaining how to use the systems with real exercises people can use to focus on improving their lives and creativity.
Our life experiences are often very similar to motion picture scenes and the art forms or systems that make movies can be applied to our lives. Some systems we can use to improve visualization skills and some are simply empowering to give us confidence in our creative abilities. Script writing is akin to writing what we want to achieve in life - like writing about goals or experiences we desire.

Each moment in our life is often similar to a scene in a motion picture. We are all on a life journey filled with scene after scene of drama, tragedy and comedy in a virtual roller coaster of experience. This journey is naturally influenced by our creativity. Since life is like a story we can use Mopic Systems in dynamic ways to improve our lives.

We can look at our whole life span like a complete motion picture story. What is your life about? What are the scenes and tender moments you want to create and experience? What do you want others to think about your life? Our lives are a story so let’s make them a worthwhile and fun story as best we can.

The advantages of using motion picture systems as creative prompts for our lives are numerous. The systems offer many insights and tools to enhance the quality of life. Let's use whatever we can to experience our dreams and values more often.

A good motion picture is an excellent metaphor and model for educating ourselves about creativity and life. Motion pictures are inspired by life and our lives are inspired by them. The classic cycle of life and art influencing one another throughout history has been fundamental to personal and cultural evolution.

We can effectively integrate Mopic Systems into our lives to enhance creativity. The next several posts will discuss the possibilities.
All writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018


I know that place!

It's a beautiful place! A scene that brings enjoyment as you walk into it.

Which beach is that?

Lido! One of the places for us to enjoy.

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