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Imagine and Visualize - these are essential to a creative lifestyle.
The human imagination is essential to creativity and creating a variety of fulfilling life scenes as previously posted. The ability to focus the imagination to visualize solutions, desires and goals is a powerful resource. One of our goals is to speed up and sophisticate the creative process. The ability to imagine or visualize desired scenes in the mind is a step toward achieving them in life. Action steps to follow-up are essential to manifesting life experiences.
We can create images and even emotions in our minds. Adding emotions, confidence and imagined sense experiences to visualization enhances the dynamism of creativity and the ability to manifest. Way too often life just happens and often we are left wondering why! But our thoughts – conscious and sub-conscious – have a profound effect on what happens in our lives and constructive creative thinking is a primary influence.
Our life scenes are a direct result of how we think and how creative we are. Without delving too deeply into the nature of reality we can agree life is often experienced as a succession of scenes from birth to death. Those scenes, although intense, are transitory. The scenes of our lives, both internal and external, continually change. From one moment to the next, from one instantaneous thought to the next, life is constant change.
Training the mind to think in scenes is one way to engender creativity and visualize solutions and dreams.

Scenes are the result of what we could describe as the result of our life scripts, for which imagination is crucial. Courageous imagination to improve the quality of our desires leads to more fulfilling lives.

Rambling thoughts often feed our life scripts. We want to more carefully monitor, evaluate and shape our thought processes to create more better scripts and directions for our lives.
Life scripts are the conscious and unconscious plans we have for our lives. These plans assist in determining life experiences. Things just happen as well, but our lives benefit immensely with plans, desires and imagination.

As reasonably conscious beings we are able to stand back and take a look at our lives. We have past and current experiences to contemplate and help determine the direction of our creativity for the future. When we realize we are creator, writer and performer we experience an increased responsibility and a greater sense of freedom. By wise choices and a focus on accomplishing dreams life can be more rewarding.

We can plan our life scripts to focus on our highest dreams and directions to pursue and continually re-dedicate ourselves to higher purpose.

By bringing our awareness into the now we can take charge of our thoughts and actions more effectively. We can improve our attitudes and emotional states as we realize the human condition is a growth experience. We can use the imagination and then visualize or insert positive creative thoughts and emotions to overcome current challenges and achieve goals and desires more easily.

We can trigger the imagination by using images or photos that we like. Contemplate your favorites.
Images Initiate Imagination and Visualization Focuses Imagination!
Cultivate the imagination Steemers - it is a powerful ally to a creative life.
Writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018.


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