CryptoGoods to promote Crypto Community: Idea 1-5

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We need to promote decentralized and crypto ideas all over the world! Nowadays only about 2% of Earth population have met with cryptocurrencies and tokens. Ok, we write on Steemit and already are doing something. But can we do something else?

And one of the ways - we can use symbolic blockchain&crypto things in the real world. Our friends or just pedestrians on the street will be interested - "What is this?". So we will expand our freedom community.

The simple variant of symbolic good is T-shirt. I wanted to buy it in the Internet, but all examples were rather boring. It was just "I love Bitcoin" or "Keep calm and mine". These T-shirts are not very interesting for people around. So I decide to make my own variants. I am not a designer, you can take only my ideas and make from them real T-shirts. 

CryptoGoods - T-shirts

1. T-shirt "Bitcoin History". This T-shirt will suit people who knew about Bitcoin from it starting period. It is for old-timers :)

2. T-shirt "the Forbidden fruit is sweet". If something is prohibited, then people will tend to break it. This T-shirt provoke people to ask you about Bitcoin.

3. T-shirt "BTC and ETH vs Classic Literature". In the process of searching crypto goods I came across this page. I love the idea! I just modern it in my style. 

4. T-shirt "Let's interest investors". Numbers can interest investor. This T-shirt shows the dynamic of BTC historical prices. 

5. T-shirt "Fix the buy&mine moment". This T-shirt is individual for everybody. It shows in which price level you connect to Bitcoin.

If you love my idea please upvote-resteem-comment this post. If community likes it, then I can make some more CryptoGood Ideas. 

In the nearest future I'll try to make similar post, but only about Steemit. I just need time to know Steemians closer. Only yesterday I made my  Intoduceyourself story

I am happy to be among you!

Also I invite you to create your own ideas. We can use tag "cryptogoods". Or just leave your idea in the comment below.

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