Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 9: IOTA]

Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 9: IOTA]

Time to get my IOTA on I was told so I did get my IOTA on. This is my entry for the Crypto Art Challenge round #9 : IOTA. We are supposed to base it off of a favorite artist, so I went with my favorite neon artist Bruce Nauman.

Here are the guidelines as quoted on the entry page:

"Follow our magazine @creativecrypto! (Learn more, here.)
Create 1 image (1000 by 600px) using the IOTA logo (above)
Author a post explaining the Artist that you were inspired by
Publish a post using the hashtag #creativecrypto
Share a link to your post + image in the comments by Wednesday, 10pm EST"

I actually just noticed this contest was going a few hours ago so I didn't have to much time to work and luckily I made the cutoff time of 10PM EST.




I really like these neon/laser designs. I also like the fact that you've added those cables there because they make it look like those are real lamps

Thanks Man. Ya I agree they add a bit of realism to the photo

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