Fucked up an other exam...

in #creativecoin3 years ago

oh lawdy think of the carbs?!!

At least the food was OK. This shit is so depressing and makes me really angry. Just makes me want to live on the steppes even fucking more...

Vander Impromptu 

cards and photobooks for sale !

steem on, dream on!



Good post

Sorry to hear that. What stops you?
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Not much. Working on skills to survive in the wild. I am a rather clumsy animal.

Not each animal has the same skills but a good thing to know tricks can be learned to fit in or get accepted. If not with the sheep it can be birds of prey or wolves. It can help to swim around in a different pond. Let me know if I can help you with it. So reading your name works. Here and in real life. Good luck and enjoy your Sunday. 💕

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