"Release" - Breathing into The Present - Poetry & Art


The rain falls,
gently caressing the earth below,
creating moments of relief
freeing the tears of those who were afraid to let go!

This release
that falls upon our sense of dis ease,
these feelings that harbour thoughts,
thoughts of disbelief,
that shatter our reality,
as we struggle to open up
to embrace the many parts of us,
that we left untouched.

Those cravings for realization,
how well we pushed them back,
until they were just speckles of dust
scattered upon our long forgotten tracks.

Whilst the long grass now weaves
where no footsteps have carved their way
and at last
the wilderness is left to play!

Our confinement!

these feelings of grief,
for the loss of what we once knew,
finding ourselves now laid bare
awaiting for the opportunity to be born anew.

The wild,
it calls,
from without
and within.

This gentle invitation to reconnect and begin.

The rain falls,
gently caressing the earth below,
and finally we embrace the flow of water
allowing ourselves to grow!

I have created a Patreon account so if anyone wishes to support me, please do, I will be sharing poetry and words of empowerment.

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You managed to put my feelings down in letters better than all my failed attempts of the last days to utter them.
Thank you for allowing me that clarity.

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