Original Art: About A Decade Worth of Growth

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Hiya! Guess this is gonna be my last steemit post for the year(I do have art I haven't made posts on but don't think I'll be able to make them before the year ends)

So my last post for the year is gonna be about(if you couldn't guess from the thumbnail or just don't know who the chara is because I don't what you know) my OC/UTAU, Ziya! Should I explain what UTAU is? Meh, why not, year's gonna end and this'll probably be the last time I'll explain. UTAU's a singing synthesizer program. You can either record your own voice or download voices that other UTAU users provide and use em to sing whatever! And you can make characters out of those voices and Ziya's the chara I made from my voice

Progress shots.png

There was a hashtag going on twitter where peeps would compare how their UTAU looked back in the beginning of the decade and how they look now! So yeah, I drew this to see how much Ziya's grown~ You can see my tweet here

And now for the progress shots!

End of decade Ziya a.png
End of decade Ziya b.png
End of decade Ziya c.png
End of decade Ziya d.png
End of decade Ziya e.png

The background was my attempt on adding lil' references of Ziya's past anniversary arts though, I removed the rose petals in the final version since roses are already kinda draw at the bottom sides there

Okay! Before I show the final version of this piece, here are some old Ziya arts I did in the past decade and how much her(and my art) has grown


The year I created Ziya and this was the first drawing I ever did of her(I think). This was back when I drew in ms paint with a mouse. I use to draw on the guest room computer back then but most of those arts are gone so RIP to them

Still drawing in ms paint with a mouse. This one was the first time I drew her fullbody(albeit in chibi form) Yeahh, it took me a long while to give her proper fullbody design. I find shoes(sometimes pants) the hardest part of designing a chara

That year, I decided to give Ziya a re-design! A design I'm still using to this day~ T'was also the year I started drawing with a drawing tablet in paint tool sai(well, I technically started using drawing tablet in late Dec 2014 I think but close enough)

And now for the final version of the art drumroll sound effect

End of decade Ziya.png

And here's the final version of the piece! Oh yeah this art is also on my deviantart

And that's it for the post! See you all next year/decade! Hope you all have an amazing 2020✨ Thanks for checking out this post, goodnight and happy almost new year!


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Ohh thank you!

Wow you improved massively :D I love seeing people's development XD

Thank you so much Reeree!