My entry to the Photo Filters And Effects Contest

in #creativecoinlast year

Hi There.....Did you have a kaleidoscope when you were young?

I did and I found it to be a magical instrument 😀

Today I came across a contest and it inspired me to make this very special picture.....Have you ever seen anything like it.....Don't get to close to the screen cause then you might get dizzy 😱


The kaleidoscope effect I used on the picture reflects the cake in a symmetrical pattern. Can you count how many cakes the reflections made.....Don't ask me.....I am not crazy enough to go count them.....But maybe you are.....Let me know how many there are 😋

Originally there was only one of course.....But then I cropped the image and put the effect on it.....Here is the original

Too late to ask for a slice.....We ate it all and there was one with banana too.....All gone haha 😁

So if you feel like playing around a bit with a picture of yours.....Be sure to enter the contest below

Tx @bliss11 to host this lovely contest

I can assure you it is really fun to do

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Sweet tx :)

That looks really cool! Which program do you use with that effect on it? Gimp has a fractal effect which looks almost like the reverse of this. Sometimes I use it, but not very often.

I use pixlr :)

Ohhhh....lots of cakes 😋😋😋...the effect is so delicious and so pretty...I love the finished design. 😃 Thanks for entering the contest @seadbeady. 🤗 Is that even a cake? 🧐

tx so much - I had fun taking part :)

Hahaha dizzy one @seadbeady as well as funny and yummy too...
Thanks so much for taking some time and entering the contest, we appreciate it too much.
Please remember to add it to the contest weekly post on a comment Here 😉
Hugs over there 🤗

tx so much - it was fun :)

That's a really cool edit, love it.

Good luck in the competition!

Thank you so much :)

I like the effect you achieved with the filter

tx so much :)

I am very interested in this type of contest where I learn many things to improve. I will read the rules well to see if I contest. Good luck

Thank you very much :)