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RE: Creative Coin - Bid Bot Free!!!

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The STeem Engine bots are only a tinypercentage of bid bots. I look down your trending list and see a lot of botted content and a lot of what I would consider being non-tag worthy content, including actifit posts, adverts for scammy circle jerk schemes etc.
If you are aiming for manual curation only which is excellent, what about people who are ocdb whitelisted and using their bot?


It wont make any difference to the Trending rank on CreativeCoin as the @ocdb account has no stake in CCC. See you for yourself:

I'm a bit lost. Does creative coin have its own Scot? I tried to follow the tag for a while but there was so much crap on there . I usually follow from Steemit hence I see the trending in Steem and with the botted posts.

You need some serious flaggers over there mate !

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Does creative coin have its own Scot?

It does...

The @ocdb whitelist bot authors may get their big votes, but it wont make a scrap of difference on their Trending level as that account has no stake.

So you can still look here..

...and be assured that the top articles are still genuine ones..

if you use steempeak and dump that atrocious steemit, you can use the tribe tab to see all the seperate tribes.

Absolutely right....I keep trying to use SteemPeak but it still overwhelms me a little. I'm getting there though!

Enter my competition mate...The prize pool is up to 6000 tokens tonight!!

it appears you are not looking on the creativecoin frontend or you'd not be seeing some of what you have mentioned here.

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