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The Shane made a post on the main Creative Coin account earlier and I wanted to clarify some thingies.

I haven't thought much about bid bots in quite some time as I never use them.
I was never really on the whole "bid bots are evil" wagon ... I just really didn't care about them either way.

But recently there has been some conversation happening regarding some tribes starting to use bid bots.
@slobberchops and @carlgnash brought up some great points in the Creative Coin Discord regarding the use of bid bots.

This is a Creative Tribe. We want artists to feel that their work is valued.
Organic, manual curation is the best way to achieve that IMVHO.

So, with that in mind, Creative Coin and Sonic Groove will not be allowing the use of bid bots.

Because these tribes are a secondary layer protocol on top of the Steem Blockchain, I want to clarify here that we are talking about Steem Engine bid bots that would affect the Creative Coin and/or Sonic Groove tokens.

We are only moderating our tribe tokens, not the bid bots that utilize the Steem token.

So, here's how it will work:

If there is a Steem Engine bid bot service that rewards in Creative Coin or Sonic Groove:

  • The actual bid bot account will be muted from both tribes.

  • The post that used the bid bot will be downvoted to remove either Creative Coin and/or Sonic Groove.
    The downvote of Steem rewards will be minimal due to the lack of Steem power on both @notcreative and @notgroovy.

Remember if you would like to promote a post you do have an option to do so by burning tokens.

Here's how:

Click Promote at the bottom of your post.

Enter an amount. The higher the amount, the longer your post will show as Promoted.

Your promoted post will show at the top of the Creative Coin Trending Page.

In the long term, we feel that a lack of bid bot use is best for the Creative Coin Community.
We hope you agree and value your support!

In closing, I have either served to clarify The Shane's posty.....or have confused the issue even further.

You decide!


The STeem Engine bots are only a tinypercentage of bid bots. I look down your trending list and see a lot of botted content and a lot of what I would consider being non-tag worthy content, including actifit posts, adverts for scammy circle jerk schemes etc.
If you are aiming for manual curation only which is excellent, what about people who are ocdb whitelisted and using their bot?

It wont make any difference to the Trending rank on CreativeCoin as the @ocdb account has no stake in CCC. See you for yourself:

I'm a bit lost. Does creative coin have its own Scot? I tried to follow the tag for a while but there was so much crap on there . I usually follow from Steemit hence I see the trending in Steem and with the botted posts.

You need some serious flaggers over there mate !

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Does creative coin have its own Scot?

It does...

The @ocdb whitelist bot authors may get their big votes, but it wont make a scrap of difference on their Trending level as that account has no stake.

So you can still look here..

...and be assured that the top articles are still genuine ones..

if you use steempeak and dump that atrocious steemit, you can use the tribe tab to see all the seperate tribes.

Absolutely right....I keep trying to use SteemPeak but it still overwhelms me a little. I'm getting there though!

Enter my competition mate...The prize pool is up to 6000 tokens tonight!!

it appears you are not looking on the creativecoin frontend or you'd not be seeing some of what you have mentioned here.

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I'm so confuckulated now. 😂

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😂 My work here is done!

I totally agree with you on this, I'm also not against bid bots, but for the tribe, its best we keep them off. We need organic feedbacks on what our creative minds dish out. Thanks

Probably the best thing I've read - no bidbots! Yippee kay yay mother fu**ers!!!!

Remember that there were no bid bots in 2016-2017 either, which mean people instead did backroom deals for selling their votes, etc.

I think there is a big difference between Steem circa 2016-17 and a Scot tribe with centralized leadership actively trying to keep its trending page organic. Back then if someone became known as a vote seller... nothing would happen. Nothing could happen. Now, if someone becomes known as a CCC vote seller, the tribe leaders would mute their account and say bye bye, no more CCC for you. Will it be possible to 100% stop all vote selling? Of course not. Will it be possible to stop the most egregious examples and keep the trending page organic? I personally believe so. And that is a huge win for a tribe like CCC compared to Steem mainchain.

I wasn't on steem back then. Joined around March 2018 so have only seen the (steemit) platform with bid bots on.

I am pretty sure you're right though as I have seen other new crypto sites plagued with upvote rings and playtrading groups so people will always try to game a system.

I added the tag cos I saw on Serena's but again I'm clueless I'm kind of away due to a health thing so guess in due time I'll update myself with all the novelties XD so far just using palnet and creativecoin as tags not knowing really what for XD

It's all good. Just keep using those tags. Also, use the tag sonicgroove when you make a music post. The only thing you really need to do is log into and stake (power-up) your tokens. Miss you!

Interesting idea, but what about Smartmarket?

individual vote selling is gonna be way harder to police, through a market or otherwise. The tribe leaders / curators have been pretty active in keeping the tag clean and if it becomes obvious that vote buying is sending posts to trending, I imagine they wouldn't have a problem muting the larger accounts that sell individual votes (and they would definitely flag strip the curation rewards from posts that reached trending creativecoin by vote buying). I don't think there will ever be a way to 100% prevent vote selling, but just stopping the largest / most easily accessible bid bots/vote sellers should make a huge difference in terms of allowing manual curators to not get flooded out of the total rshares awarded in creative coin.

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A very good explanation ...

@isaria, In my opinion too Organic and Manual Curation will going to bring more value to this Ecosystem and definitely this way well deserve content will be uplifted. Stay blessed.

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I believe that there should not be an absolute freedom @isaria and being-bot free is a good thing for the best of the #creativecoin community.

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