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It's been a minute. Almost one full week since my last post. I've been pretty busy over the past few days with visiting family and some family events. Took some time today to make something. Didn't really start with much of a plan, just playing with some particle stuff.

One thing I discovered recently was how to color particle trails along their length. Ends up with a pretty interesting look, sort of reminds me of dog hair or something. Or girls with their hair colored and the roots are showing.


This was a bit annoying to work with as the scene became ridiculously slow because of the amount of particles which were 800k. Plus the trails it ends up crawling at just about every step of the process.

Anyway, that's my humble offering for today. I've got new guests that I need to go entertain so I need to come out of my hole. I'll try to shill Steem to them :D

See you all in the next post!

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It's great to see you back, @midlet. It's been a while indeed.

Great work, as always. Though I will admit, I feel somewhat uneasy the longer I look at it.. ⚆ _ ⚆

I remember being so proud of myself when I figured this one out (one of the first things I had to do with hair as I have several characters with coloured/patterned hair/fur) 😆

I may have to figure it out all over against as there’s a bunch of new nodes in blender 🤣

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I bought a license of Cycles 4D which is the Cycles version for Cinema 4D, but I never got all that into it. It's got better support for x-particles. The node that handles this in Octane is named stupidly so I had no idea what it was used for for the longest.

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Hi, @midlet.

Some time ago a common friend, @crypto.piotr, recommended me your blog, and checking it I saw this post that caught my attention.

I have to admit that I like works with 3D modeling, although I have little knowledge on the subject, it is simply that I find it striking, in this case the image you generate gave me a somewhat different feeling to the idea of a dog's coat: ) rather it made me think of a culture of bacteria or an organism from another planet :)

Well, we will keep in touch and I hope to visit you at another time. Successes and good things.