First bug of the year.

Hey all,

Is spring on the way? If you are in the UK like I am you might think it isn't, what with all the wind and the countless floods across the country. I hope if you are in the UK then you are staying safe.

In the meantime, I managed to get my first bug shot of this year. This little fella was on a leaf in the garden trying to stay out of the wind I guess. I also used my DCR-250 magnification lens for the first time. I am quite happy with the results although there is a bit of a drop in sharpness, however it is not that noticeable unless you are pixel peeping.


Araneus diadematus

I'm going to call this fella "Tron".

Thanks for looking



Well the sun is shining today despite Derbyshire being very wet and windy over the weekend. I am very hopeful that the worst of the weather is over, but then again, it could snow between now and May... I've had snow numerous times around my birthday in mid April.

We made sure to stay safe, by not leaving the house all weekend, a few minor fence repairs and some minor wall crack leaks in the kitchen to resolve now, but all in all, it could of been worse!

Nice I like the focus on the eyes and face. We just introduced our kids to the song "Boris the Spider" and it is their new favorite, they are trying their hardest to sing in a low growly voice LOL

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