A scouting mission in the local woods

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Hi guys

Today I took an hour during my lunch break to go and check out the local woods. I've been given some useful information on the location of some roe deer and I wanted to scout out where I have to go so that when I do get out there, I don't want to get lost and I would like to know in which direction to approach the deer etc etc.

I took the camera with me and got a few fungus shots and one of the woodland itself. It's a chaotic place with trees everywhere and autumn isn't quite showing itself yet (and even if it was, the jetstream is positioned right over the UK at the moment so any leaves on the turn are just getting blown off the trees). I'll probably go back again very soon to see if the birch trees have turned.





Thanks for looking


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amazing fotography!

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Very cool. You must have quite a great collection of fungi pictures!

Very cool. You must
Have quite a great collection
Of fungi pictures!

                 - sjarvie5

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah, there's quite a few around here although there aren't many of the interesting varieties such as the fly agaric. Some of the ones I saw today were huge though, the size of dinner plates easily.

I love forest in autumn is so full of berries, nuts and mushrooms.
Wonderful photos.

Thanks. I can't wait for it to go even more autumnal - the mists, the deer, the dew. Just delightful


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