Pay It Forward Curation Contest Week 80!

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Hello Dears!

Here is my entry with indication of 2 bloggers in week 80 of Pay It Forward curation contest organized and promoted by @pifc.

Eis a a minha entrada com indicação de 2 blogueiros na semana 80 do concurso de curadoria "Pay It Forward" organizado e promovido por @pifc.

My first choice of this week is from @jeremyowens9501. In a post for sonic Groove Contest in a original interpretation at the piano of two pieces from a seven movement work by South Dakota composer Charles Dibley.

Minha primeira escolha desta semana é de @jeremyowens9501. Num post para o Sonic Groove Contest numa interpretação original ao piano de duas peças de uma obra em sete movimentos do compositor de Dakota do Sul, Charles Dibley.

My second choice is from @bastter. In the fourteenth post of the series "Survive on the Stock Exchange" they give us tips on the first step in choosing which companies to partner with.

Minha segunda escolha é do @bastter. Ma decima quarta postagem da série "sobreviva na bolsa de valores" eles nos traz dicas sobre o primeiro passo para escolher as empresas que será sócio.


Hope you enjoy them =D
A great hug!
Guilherme Faquetti
October 16, 2019

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