Painting over my Paintings

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Almost a year ago I painted for the first time, I cannot believe it has been that long already. I instantly fell in love with the style of painting and have used it as a my mental health adjustment throughout the last year. I started to hand paint over my paintings in January, when I had done my lion painting. See my toughest journey post to view my lion painting.

I had NO idea I was even capable of painting, let alone very well. I am very proud of myself and am so grateful I have found a healthy, and therapeutic outlet.

I got finished putting the top coat on the paintings from my paint party a few weeks ago, which made me want to paint..ha ha ha. So I grabbed a few finished paintings and got going. I wanted to paint one for my friend who reminds me of a peaceful mermaid. So, I googled a few images and began to paint ( I ended up painting from a few ideas I saw)

Photo taken by Me "Namaste"

I had a pour painting that I really wanted to paint a Buddah on, but I cannot find it at the moment...which is odd. Once I find it, I will get the Buddah on there :) .

I did this puddle pour painting last year on my 34th birthday, I love how it turned out!!

Photo by Me

I grabbed this guy to see what awesomeness I could slap on there....I started to free hand paint (I am a terrible it is weird to me that I am capable of this...LOL)

Photo by Me "Groovy Buddah"

Needless to say, I am very proud of these two paintings and am looking forward to doing more relaxing ZEN paintings!!

Thank you for reading and supporting my passion!


I really like the vibrant colours you use and the style of Groovy Buddah :) Looking forward for more, doing art is the best way to put the mind at ease and relax:)

thank you!!! It is definitely a fun one!! Painting helps heal my soul!!

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