Facing my Fears

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From my previous post, Road to Steemfest - Fears, I talked about the things I was most afraid of for this trip. I have faced 3 of the 4 fears that I had listed and I am still here to talk about it!

Flying has gotten much better since the last time I flew a few years ago, the take off and landing weren't as bad as I remembered (aside from one landing that was a SUPER hard hit to the ground). I am grateful I am short, because getting comfortable on the flight isn't as hard for me. I will add that to my list of "why it's great I am short". HA HA. It was morning when we flew out and the lights over the city were stunning! I was in awe flying across our area

Taken by Me
The sunrise was stunning!
Photo By Me

lAnguAge bArriers haven't been as bad as I thought it would be, I am glad I know how to say please and thank you. Everyone here is so respectful and kind. It is amazing watching the flow of people and traffic, like a beautifully choreographed dance.

Photo by Me

Riding in a Tuk Tuk, well...I did it (2 times yesterday) one in the morning and one at night....the night ride was MUCH more stressful and I laughed and swore a lot. HA HA HA. It was fun, I am glad we are experiencing these things!!


75576456_10156417133241965_5128077559992418304_o.jpgPhoto By Me

I really have had the greatest time, and it is only day 3! I am so very grateful for this opportunity to meet more people from the world and get to the Steem family face to face!!


The tuk-tuk is quite an experience
I close my eyes and pray hard haha

The view from the sky is so beautiful especially the sunrise. Love the color combinations, glad that you captured.

ahh the tuk tuk ride, I was scared at first but then it was so much fun sitting in the tuk tuk especially when the tuk tuk driver turn corner or make a sharp corner turn, that when my heart beat increase dramatically!

I hope I have a window again :) . I am sad to be leaving Thailand, but so grateful for the experience!! The tuk tuks are super fun!! ha ha ha!!! So glad to have met you!!!

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Awesome post.
This tuk-tuk is another name in our country.
Maximum person call autobike, some person call it esybike..
Thanks for share....

wow!! we will experience all the Tuk Tuks in the world one day!!

I'm happy you both have a great time there !! ^_^

thank you! It has been so much fun!

The sunrise!!! Beautiful!!!
I tried the tuk-tuk once... that's the night after the dinner by the river on the second day... really quite an experience... My hands were grabbing tight to the handle and do nothing else... For me it feels like riding a speedboat... they just race all their way to wherever we wanna go...

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ha ha ha, they are quick and do whatever they want!! It is wild! But, so fun. I am glad you experienced it!!

Great to meet you during SF4 and even better to share the love for Tuk Tuk.

Did a few videos in that great‘n‘cool drives from the past.

See you again at SF5 and enjoy Steem and !BEER from me.

It was lovely meeting you!! Tuk Tuks are fun! Never thought I'd say that!! HA HA HA!! Thanks a billion!!

Hey @faitherz33, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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