Adroitness DFA Team Members Photographs - 2

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We are very happy to share with you creative images of the team members. The student are being thought how to be creative with Autodesk, Paint and Photo Lab. Here are designed images below:



Thank you for viewing and supporting Decentralized Football Academy.


BONUS: Game Priority Order By Age Group

1️⃣ U6: fitness (movement education), technique, psychology, and tactics.
2️⃣ U8: technique, fitness, psychology, and tactics.
3️⃣ U10: technique, psychology, fitness, and tactics.
4️⃣ U12: technique, tactics, psychology, and fitness.
5️⃣ U14: technique, psychology, tactics, and fitness.
6️⃣ U16: tactics, psychology, fitness, and technique.
7️⃣ U19: tactics, fitness, psychology, and technique.


About DFA

If you are stumbling upon DFACADEMY (Decentralized Football Academy) for the first time, please read our Introduction & Medium posts.

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PS: The reward from this post will be used to provide the footballers with full kits, new football, food accommodations, as well as management for the team.


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Hi dfacademy,

I have send you 200 NOBEL for supporting kids and writing about it.
You also got a full upvote from me.

Regards, Achim

Woot! This an unexpected gift 🎁, thank you very much for your kindness and for supporting our dreams and initiatives. Thanks in a million, you're appreciated 🙏

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