This Is My Epilogue - Termite Round 83

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End of the world type vibes, drifting into the abyss of my shadow side while slashing emcees to a gory death. Welcome to my beautiful mess...

This is my epilogue!

Thank you for listening, hopefully I'll be back eventually.

I appreciate everyone who has given Burning Zeal a listen, you are awesome!
PS (This is the very short version, wink wink)

For now I'll pass the torch, nah flames, nah fuckin sun to rappers on Steemit.
Zeal/Chris out

PS Nr 2: Termite this beat is my favorite one you've done!

I find myself drifting in space
Bye bye ship, I wither away
I'm in disarray I'm a little white blip
Light glistening when I cry a river like Timberlake
Floating with me in the night sky curse as I pray
The distance getting bigger between Chris and civilization
Listen to the sirens tryna save me mayday mayday
Maybe just a little too late tight fit in this cage
Like a vice gripping my faith that things may change strip it away
No vision inefficient decisions circulating my brain
Eyes the rings of Saturn my passion is ringing
Delaying picking it up digging my grave
I'm sickly driven to sit in my casket passing the flame
To rappers Mr Burning Sadness yearn to return to my address
But addiction is my landlord my affliction my asteroid
I’m passive when the damn earth could spin and rotate
In my hands like Atlas but I pissed it away
Is this depression talking through a walkie talkie
So many ranges of rage grimacing pain, that can off me
At any given day in a prison I stay impersonating
Some curse with my villainous ways, asperger traits I'm displaying or worse
I don’t like to be referred to more psychiatrists
The only fire I'm applying is to my psyche yep
I lie a bit in this fire pit of misery ashamed
Of how I'm living today
I got that eye of the tiger spit uniting with nihilism
Militantly enlisted in an infinite crave
Addiction lives in me like a dick in a babe
Within the porn industry, I'm a tortured soul caught in a maze
An author drawing a self portrait scorching within the frame
Not wearing confidence stripped to the waist sprinting(running) the gauntlet
Soldiers offering corporal punishment I pay for the sins that I've made
Beginning to spin their cylinders too much artillery even a pillory
To taunt me, all I got, was few stitches from blades
But it stings and it’s been ringing for a decade
In my ears, all I can hear twice the man Van Gogh when I mail
Both lobes to a babe, the coldest poet known yet a failure
Look at how many lyrics I can fit in this page
Yet I can't figure out, how to fit outside of it spitting's my lane
Chained to it so limited became Limitless didn’t sip a pill, simple and plain
A savant with this shit Chris is insane
Autistic, deranged a beautiful misfit a trained killer
You can't attain spitters it’s his literary mystery brain


Go head with your bad self.

Musically I will always shed light on it for contrast;)

Yes I downloaded it on my phone

I'm running a weekly contest... you should jump on that

Hi Paul, I'm taking a break from Steemit for now. Will definitely later when I get back. Got some shit to take care of

You on any other Avenue? This contest is on youtube bruh

Hey man, I'm taking a break on all online platforms musically. When I get back I'll enter your competition

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