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Hello Steemit world !

Halloween is coming ...
Also, I take the opportunity to tell you about another activity that I have next to music: the mosaic ... and I decided to show you my "scary" skeleton and other stuffs !! ^^
Indeed, almost a year ago, I had the crazy idea to embark on this practice ... I discovered many contemporary artists who use this technique and there are many very very interesting things.
Of course, I'm far from a professional and what I do is more like tests than "serious" art but I enjoy it a lot and - as for music - I think it's the most important...

Here are some pictures of the least missed stuffs! :) They're not completely finished because I voluntarily delay the grouting phase...

So, I'm interested in all your remarks, criticisms (and even insults ! lol)

Seriously, I hope you'll enjoy...

Oh, I forgot, do you know any mosaicists on Steemit?

skeleton - 15x15cm (matte and glossy glass "paste" - "pâte de verre" in french)

monster 1 - 10x10cm (glossy glass paste and ceramic [or stoneware ? - "grès cérame" in french])
IMG_6419 recadrée.jpg

No title 2 - 10x10cm (glossy glass paste and ceramic [or stoneware ? - "grès cérame" in french])
IMG_6377 recadrée.jpg

No title 1 (the first one I made ! ^^) - 10x10cm (glossy glass paste and ceramic [or stoneware ? - "grès cérame" in french])
IMG_6372 recadrée.jpg

No title 3 - 15x15cm (ceramic/stoneware)
IMG_6394 recadrée.jpg

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Beautiful work, @bakingjazzpower! An early Happy Halloween to you!

tipu curate

@traciyork I find this post from your resteem, maybe you missed to curate it as you forgot to put @ before tipu...Nevermind, I have done my curation here.
:) :)

Thank you for letting me know, @rem-steem.

Hi @traciyork !
Thanks for your kind comment ! (and for resteeming this post :)
So glad you enjoyed it !

Happy (or scary) Halloween to you ! ;)

You're very welcome, @bakingjazzpower! And a happily scary (or scarily happy) Halloween to you! 😂 🎃 👻 😊

Thanks !!!! :)


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you very much !
These beautiful cakes always make me crazy !!! :)))

..aaahh..and like the skeleton and the two animals most..

Thank you for this precision !
I specify that these mosaics are personal creations. Some were initially drawings (skeleton, and the two animals) others are from improvisation! ^^

..awesome!..steem on!..I love the mosaic-art, will start soon.. thank you again for your inspiration...

Beautiful work of art!
@tipu curate

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Big Thanks @rem-steem !!!
Your kind words are much appreciated ! :)

..real good ,tries‘..some are awesome artworks..don’t know any mosaics, but know it will be also my passion as soon as I get sorted a few things in allday-life..a little project that I have on my todo for a while..funny and interesting to get over your post!..thank you, cool stuff..up..follow you..

Thank you very much for your kind comment @enjoykarma !
Your words are very encouraging... and much appreciated !
I forgot to put the dimension (size ?) of my stuffs... I will edit the post soon...

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Thanks for supporting my crazy work guys !! :)

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