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Licenses only for You

Creativechain is a blockchain platform for multimedia registration and distribution that enduringly certifies the intellectual properties and their distribution licenses of digital art. This platform also offers a public and transparent alternative to intellectual property registration, making for a creative use of the blockchain technology.


Creativechain incorporates multiple peer-to-peer content distribution systems using Creativecoin (CREA), which I will briefly explain in the next section. One will receive donations whenever other followers “like” their quality works.

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Creativechain’s Own Coin for Digital Culture

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Using their own cryptocurrency Creativecoin, (CREA), Creativechain seeks to promote the economic empowerment of creative people against the traditional banking system as their primary objective.

Who is it for?

Creativechain is targeted at all artists, designers, writers, musicians, and professionals in the audiovisual field who develop and produce digital content and use the Internet to distribute their creations among their followers.

How will Creativechain change the Industry?

Due to Creativechain's peer-to-peer system, one can do away with the centralized models of content distribution, whose liaisons or mediators set abnormally large fees that make the work of the content creators much too expensive. A social network that is decentralized without censorship allows one to freely share their creations in an economic system managed by the community itself.

What is its Current State?


CREA has its own weekly challenges, which are week-long art challenges crafted to get the creative juices flowing inside the Creativechain’s community!

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Project Details

Project Name: Creativechain
Steem: @creativechain
Discord: Chatroom link
Telegram: Chatroom link

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I can't imagine how this creative platform can make way for some creative solutions for creative people in our creative blockchain world!


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Than your project is more attractive for creative people than Steemit?

p.s. The design of your site is very good and the graphics look great.