All my friends drawing above my bed !! (find yourself)

in creative •  last year  (edited)

Yes Guys they are my best friends on Steemit, we are in different countries but on Steemit we are in the same country . I wish if I meet some of my Steemian friends here in morocco .

Our first meeting at my house exactly at my bedroom , I spoke with all of you but without any answers .

You are welcome in morocco @sean-king , @steemed-open , @claraking , @c0ff33a , @reddust , @quinneaker , @stellebelle , @exyle , @velimir , @sweetsssj , @trevonjb , @stevenalexander , @jerrybanfield , @everlove , @lenatramper , @gamer00 , @dswigle , @hilarski , @anahilarski , @saramiller , @hanen , @saizor , @nourtawfiq , @youns , @slothicorn .





This is Me @askmee

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wow. These sketches look cool.

Wonderful paintings, my friend. I wish I could draw a painting of my own, I will be happy

Other then I am very fortunate to be above your bed (might want to give those sheets a wash by the way) you have absolutely and totally aced it with this post and I could not be happier for you my friend. We go back so far on Steemit, and our journey together has been so much fun - but you have really taken the bull by the horns and found something to work with on here unique - and look at you now - I think you handsome boy will be getting some exciting toys in seven days time. Really, I could not be happier right now, you deserve this you have worked so hard at this platform for so long - I have done what I can but it is so little - this post - this is all yours and you should really sit back and take the credit - you have really earned this.


You are right I work hard everyday to discover this platform more and more , because I have a lot of goals to reach it , first I want know a maximum of friends , then I want to be famous and have something special and unique. At first I see that is difficult but after your support , really you are encourage at the begenning I can't forget that .

Thank you so much sir @c0ff33a


@askmee this post is 100% your effort and your just rewards - THIS is what Steemit is for me, people earning good rewards for hard effort. THAT is why I continue to support so many new starters on here - so much incredible quality content get's missed just because nobody get's chance to see it.


Yes I'm so lucky because I find you here, maybe I will meet you soon .

Thank you for you kind words


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Lovely your drawing.


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Congratulation for this amazing collection , ah a hell of a job . thanks for sharing dear @askmee

You made an incredible drawing and made an amazing content, We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already upvoted you and following you, please think about that. My apologize if I sent this post to you already.Thanks and greeting from @chanthasam



You made an wonderful drawing and made an extraordinary content material, we sould join and support each different through comply with every other. You compromise my buddy.


Thank you @bangash113


Welcome askmee

Continued to merit follow-up and encouragement
UpVote for you as little as we can encourage you
Continue your wonderful publications 🖒

How thoughtful of you to make drawings of your friends. I am very sure they will appreciate it.

How can i be among them? I won't mind you drawing me as a friend.

nice post, you got upvoted and followed..


Thank you @subconscious

So cute and interesting pictures.


Thank you @noopu

Very good post I like the people who do that kind of portraits


You can make a fortune out of these...even online! Awesome drawing!


en çok özendiğim yetenek... ellerine sağlık. hepsi mükemmel!!!

Wow! Nice! That's so sweet too! :)


Thank you @penny-rose

Cool idea!!

@askmee this is so dope its just brilliant my sir



Amazing !!! Your artwork inspires me much

This is when you have friends like ocean

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Congratulation for this record @askmee : انتم السابقون ونحن اللاحقون


Thanks , everything is possible just a little of creativity



really happy to hear this initiatives toward moroccan steemians and as you know hospitality in morocco you are more than welcome.



Welcome in morocco dudes



Good job


Thank you

Very cool and nice portraits



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Amazing, I also really like painting, this is my work

can you please tell me how much time you spent on this?

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good post! great pictures I can not take my eyes off them! I always wanted to have such a portrait of myself


Its possible , send 10sbd to @askmee

Whoa so pretty! You're really talented and it's kind of you that you took your time to draw all your friends

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Very cool..

congratulations! I really like your work, it's nice that I came across your post. do you have any link with your work? I am counting on more photos of your work. thank you

You work great ... the art of caricature has always cost me. And in your works I see the elegance of the stroke and neatness. I am also an artist and go my regards and regards.

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Amazing !!! I love your work, how beautiful, I love it, it would be a pleasure to be your friend of Steemit, I am new to this, I invite you to see my profile, I hope you like and support me, I send you many blessings and good vibes !!!

Life is indeed a struggle, try to be the best let alone dust and wind covering your body, for me, I do not care about it, stay focused where the direction we are going, no matter the day and night, a very good trip and always in the protection of continued success in the work and alwaysmake posting post very interesting and useful for all of us @askmee

╰(´︶`)╯Nice work! I love your drawing.

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wow awesome drawings u got here....thankz for sharing these your works...kudos mate

  ·  last year (edited)

great post @askme, appreciate to your post.
please visit and my blog @arijuang if you have free time.
please vote and resstem if you like my post.

me encantan las caricaturas, también realizo y trabajo con eso, soy de venezuela, SALUDOS...


I wish I would learn how to draw. These work of art really makes me want to pull out the pad and pencil or take a class. Did you learn on your own how To draw or did you take a class?

Do you charge to draw pictures of people and if so how much? I would like to post a drawing of myself


Caricature = 3SBD
Caricature+ painting = 5Sbd
Portrait = 10 SBD

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