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Hello friends. The game took an incredible leap, there are many changes at once, most I consider them good, for the future of the game, but not so for players who have time, because it gives a lot of advantage to those who have not had luck or have not A lot of effort, an example that in my opinion the majority of players who were not lucky would run to the new galaxy, move, it's good because they will need star dust (there is no way to sell it from Steem Engine) at least that notice until At the moment, they must be sold among friends or something, but that those players can move is unfair to those who were lucky or did more explorations and have a good amount of planets. Who can they attack if those players move or who will attack them if they have a Yamato? I think they are harmed and who has more planets is because or has spent time exploring, has remained active in the game and started or bought planets, invested, burn that pile of planets to abate dust? I don't think so, because the star dust will come down a lot in price and it's not so easy to get planets, it's not that they get from nothing. All this forces them to stay and whoever is at a disadvantage to move, a player could be left alone in a sector when he should be the center with his Yamato and defend when many attack. Another is if they manufacture Yamats in that new galaxy how will you attack, on a 3-day trip if you have a new hair? I don't think so, moving large fleets so far is very difficult. The idea is that more players could enter or activate, which should be what the game owners are looking for.

Burn the planets to grab star dust, aha, okay, who do they think will burn their planets, the consequent players who dedicate 10, 15 or 16 hours to the game? I do not think so! They will burn those who do not play much and will not spend the star dust on passing planets or another activity that reduces that amount in the wallets, they will want to sell it, unfair that those who always play should buy them that star dust, and some who have Abandoned the game for a good time upon learning they have returned and burned their planets. They are going to say that this crazy person knows, I have more than 160 planets in my game account, this is my account to write about what I like, of course I am crazy, I do not deny it, but well you must accept me like this, ha ha, ha What can they do? Of course I think that these changes will benefit the game in the long run and that is why, in the end, we who dedicate a lot of time to this game, I do everything manually, so imagine how much time I dedicate to my account, plus a large account. it's just: upgrade skills, upgrade mines, create ships, send missions, attack farms, attack enemies, take care of them, watch the Next Colony chat, watch what they say, translate, talk with other friends in the game, analyze strategies, review the areas where you have your planets, eat plans (if you have money) analyze the best areas to explore, know what ships you are going to make on each planet, know what you should climb on each planet. It is to love this game as to play for months without winning a penny. In my case I need, yes or yes, to generate profits, I live on the most hit side of the galaxy, not to mention that, I hope that all these changes lead to the game to well-being and success, we depend on that, all to see the Fruit to such dedication. I like most of the changes, another thing to say is that the scans are somewhat slower than before, at least for me, but I hope it gets faster as they make improvements, but it is seen that they have now put much interest to improve the game by the creators, that makes me very happy! The chat discord of Next Colony came to life again, although I am not writing much there, but if I look at everything to speak (I do not pay much attention when I write there) ha ha ha, I think many do not know that I have some how many planets and a good time behind the scenes without letting me notice, because that's how we are the peasants.

Do not hurry with the market in Steem Engine of star dust, it is beneficial that it will not open for now so that they spend something on sas of the game, or sell it to another player who is active, so in the end it is good that creators will not open the trade of our appreciated token

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