Yamato blueprints have been distributed

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As announced in the last post, we have distributed Yamato blueprints to all owners of a legendary planet. There are currently 10 legendary planets (including Earth), so 100 blueprints have been distributed.

We will not use the 10 blueprints of the Earth, but we will share them with you in contests. We will probably distribute one blueprint every month and start with these special contests after the first season.

Gioquis Baljar, ambassador of the Leonids, from the planet Tellus and head of the interstellar financial supervision committee, commented on the further development as follows:

"Our trust in the founders was not disappointed. The promise, made eight months ago, was kept, and all Yamato blueprints were distributed. This is another important step towards a trustworthy interstellar society," says Gioquis Baljar.

We are glad about the trust of the head of the interstellar financial supervision. Here's the list of the distributed blueprints as proof:

Account: @nextcolony
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet ID: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1
Trx: e8111bcbd7ec69ad1b73c2663c128d9b6e1a9fe0

Account: @uraniumfuture
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet ID: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1000
Trx: 1985d39ab55a253716cef5f5e261a126042e3318

Account: @unique.esprit
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1001
Trx: 8f84544703ecb8e2385a1fe4b75746d3cc27f2a2

Account: @reggaemuffin
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1002
Trx: 245ec76d21c530c17a0aedb2890a88e87fac42e9

Account: @dachcolony
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1003
Trx: 683097c3a29c5f06a7f5a23fec4dba64b88ce9b3

Account: @mancer-sm-alt
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1004
Trx: 0d1a8cc1560df415d344320987068ca45ba630ab

Account: @uraniumfuture
Yamato blueprints: 10
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1005
Trx: 81f9238dd71b52f0d9d57bb59b45bfa129538bff

Account: @xx0xx
Yamato blueprints: 30
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1006
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1007
Planet: https://nextcolony.io/planet/1008
Trx: 11fbab1e9f3fbd8814784883ecf51b3e57b16c6c

What is the value of Legendary Planets?

  • Legendaries are dropping Yamato blueprints (read more)
  • You can burn them to get 3-9 million Stardust (read more)
  • Each Legendary has a unique graphic
  • You have the chance to find them while exploring deep space

Start your exploration missions now and don't miss the chance to find the first legendary planet ever. Are you going to find a legendary today?

Stay tuned.


🤞🍀To find a legendary to today, tomorrow, ... 🍀🤞


Haha ...

Just found ballsballs today. Maybe its becoming legendary one day 😂

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Here is another one.
Let's hope that this helps.

Good luck, @kissi! (:

I'm quite excited to have my Yamato blueprints in hand! I've got big plans for them... yes, big plans indeed... cackles madly and rubs hands together

This day has been long in coming, but well worth the wait. The first rewards season is going to be very action packed!

You're some kind of Nextcolony whale now. Congrats. :)

Thats exactly why we love doing this. Thanks, @cryptomancer!

Calling @xxOxx . I am in for some of your blueprints. (Just trying ) You can also join the delta clan ofcourse and develop your Yamato ships with us.

Good luck! (:

Legendary I will find you!!!

🎼 I will find you
If it takes a long long time
I will find you
If it takes a thousand years 🎼
🎼 I will find you, Enya

Oh, this is the first NextColony song ever wrote. This is cool, we need more of that. (:

Finding a legendary is like finding a bacteria in a haystack

But I don't have time (and resources and the needed ships) to care of this anyway.

Yeah, but ...we would prefer a legendary.

@tipu curate 2

Praying for those legendaries. So far got myself a Common Ore and some 609.000 stardust.

Sell Bitcoin, buy/hodl Stardust. [¬º-°]¬
This is not a financial advice.

Already sold most of my crypto for STEEM :)
Are you guys coming onto STEEM-Engine?

That could be possible but we won't promises anything.

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Pushing hacked firmware updates to the guidance system of my ExpII fleet. Better chance for legendaries soon 🤪

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░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 100%
...update successful completed

I am hoping after next colony seasons end it will get more player . I think there should be some defensive skill should be introduced so that new players will not be farmed by big players.

Even more players? All right.

Congrats to Yamato's owners , and thanks to Nextcolony team for the great works.

YAMATO is starting to take shape and we are all heading for it. Congrats all the gold explorers and hopefully I will be able to reach them from behind through hard work. Beside this, let the games begin!

I would love to see some fast travel options in the game. With entire galaxies joining the game, being stuck around the same area is going to make a lot of people feel left out.

Won some Stardust after exploring!

What can I do with it?

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